Oil Producers Retreat From China

Global oil companies are unwinding some big bets they made on China—and that is bad news for the Chinese...

By WSJ.com: / March 27, 2015

Is Walker's Message Mixed on Citizenship?

Caitlin Huey-Burns, RCPAs Scott Walker prepared to visit the U.S.-Mexico border on Friday, his stance...

By Caitlin / March 27, 2015

A Horrific Building Collapse in New York

Whole building is in flames now. pic.twitter.com/U3zGUPqi86 — Scott Westerfeld (@ScottWesterfeld) March...

By David / March 26, 2015

Ted-I-Am Really Likes Obamacare

Paul Begala, CNNSen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, made news this week when he told CNN's Dana Bash that he would...

By Paul / March 26, 2015

Could the Germanwings Crash Have Been Avoided?

As I write I am listening to German Chancellor Angela Merkel's announcement that the Germanwings crash...

By James / March 26, 2015

What Hypoxia Could Do to Pilots

No one knows the cause of the latest airline disaster, the Germanwings crash yesterday in Southern France....

By James / March 25, 2015

If You're in Northern Mississippi This Weekend, Check Out 'The Blue and the Gray'

Last May, Deb Fallows wrote an account of a historical coincidence that linked The Atlantic Monthly of 150 years...

By James / March 25, 2015

End-of-Day Wrap-Up: California Dries Up

What's Happening: California's Running Dry The state's historic drought continues as its warmest-ever...

By Jake / March 24, 2015

Confessions of a Prosecutor Who Sent an Innocent to Death Row

Glenn Ford spent 30 years on death row for a murder he did not commit. Sentenced to die in the electric...

By Conor / March 24, 2015

Judging the Cops: When Excessive Force Trumps Resisting Arrest

On an autumn night last year a 16-year-old high school student, Thai Gurule, was crossing a street in Portland,...

By Conor / March 21, 2015

Farmland Without Farmers

The landscapes of our country are now virtually deserted. In the vast, relatively flat acreage of the Midwest...

By Wendell / March 20, 2015


Israel Releasing Impounded Palestinian Tax Revenue

The move by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel was seen as an indication of his desire to ease...

By ISABEL / March 27, 2015

At Least 2 People Missing After East Village Explosion, Officials Say

A fire that reduced three buildings to rubble was still not considered under control Friday morning,...

By MARC / March 27, 2015

Ben said no to 'Good Will'

By Fox / March 27, 2015

First Draft: Today in Politics: Marathon Vote a Challenge for Senators Thinking About 2016

Senate Republicans squeezed through their budget early Friday morning and put some pressure on a few members...

By THE / March 27, 2015

City Room: New York Today: After the Fire

Friday and the weekend: The East Village building explosion, chilly rain, and a pre-Sabbath run on smoke...

By ANNIE / March 27, 2015

Ask Well: Does Kinesiology Tape Really Work?

Kinesiology tape is the thin, stretchy fabric in bright colors that you see athletes wearing these days....

By GRETCHEN / March 27, 2015

Latest News: Andreas Lubitz, Amanda Knox, George Carlin

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

By ADEEL / March 27, 2015

Investigators Pursue Motive in Germanwings Crash

Prosecutors are examining several theories on why Andreas Lubitz apparently slammed the jet into a mountain,...

By DAN / March 27, 2015

In Silicon Valley, the Rise of High-Speed Networking

Auto racing is becoming the new “it” hobby for the tech world’s elite ranks, as a small but growing...

By FARHAD / March 27, 2015


The Reckless Man's Case for Bombing Iran

According to a 2013 study by the Costs of War Project at the Watson Institute for International Studies...

By Peter / March 27, 2015

Germanwings Co-Pilot May Have Hidden Illness: Prosecutor

There are indications that the co-pilot of the Germanwings aircraft that crashed into the French Alps...

By ABC / March 27, 2015

The City That Believed in Desegregation

Hawthorne Elementary in Louisville, Kentucky, looks like what you might imagine a typical American suburban...

By Alana / March 27, 2015

Amsterdam's Schipol airport cancels flight due to power outage - @Reuters

Amsterdam's Schipol airport cancels flight due to power outage - @Reuters

By Sean / March 27, 2015

Sheriff Describes 'Horrific' Scene Where Brothers Were Shot

Florida sheriff describes 'horrific' scene in mobile home where 12-year-old shot his brothers

By ABC / March 27, 2015

US Ally in War on Terror Collapsing into Chaos

A U.S. ally in the war on terror is collapsing into chaos as rebels have overrun another key city.

By CBN.com / March 27, 2015

Japan Inflation Cools, Household Spending, Incomes Soften

Japan reports inflation, household spending, wages soften in Feb in sluggish recovery

By ABC / March 27, 2015

Will Californians Vote On Executing Gays and Lesbians?

California has always done democracy a bit differently than most other states. Every other year, voters...

By Russell / March 26, 2015

Photo: An aerial view of the bridge collapse in Salado, Texas - @NBCDFW

Photo: An aerial view of the bridge collapse in Salado, Texas - @NBCDFW

By Tom / March 26, 2015

Tractor-Trailer Plows Into Texas Interstate Bridge, 1 Killed

Tractor-trailer crashed into bridge along major Texas interstate, killing 1 person

By ABC / March 26, 2015

Americans Love Big Hot Suburbs

The new Census population estimates are out today, and only two metros added more than 100,000 people...

By Derek / March 26, 2015

One Way to Save Print Newspapers: Make Them a Luxury Good

There will eventually come a day when The New York Times ceases to publish stories on newsprint. Exactly...

By Adrienne / March 26, 2015


Iowa Mennonite Pastor Deported to Honduras After 20 Years in US; Only Crime Was DUI 15 Years Ago

An Iowa Mennonite pastor that was deported back to Honduras last week despite garnering the support of thousands...

By The / March 27, 2015

Pat Robertson Stands by Claim That Liberals Support Sharia Law; 'The Left is Undermining Christian Values,' Says Rep

Pat Robertson, the executive chairman of the Christian Broadcasting Network stands by controversial comments...

By The / March 26, 2015


Why the Dead Sea is dying

By CNN.com / March 27, 2015

2 missing in NYC building blast

Two people remain unaccounted for following an explosion Thursday at a building in Manhattan, two New York...

By CNN.com / March 27, 2015

Astronaut Kelly set to launch on record-setting trip

Twin brother will undergo same tests to compare effects of space living.        

By USATODAY / March 27, 2015

Senator wants mandatory church attendance

During a gun bill debate, Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen says she supports mandating church attendance....

By CNN.com / March 27, 2015

Introducing city kids to nature -- by bike

At 74 years old, Marilyn Price still remembers the first time she rode a bike.

By CNN.com / March 27, 2015

High stakes, high fashion: Dubai's $10 million horse race

The Dubai World Cup is horse racing's richest prize pot, so why have so many of the big names stayed...

By CNN.com / March 27, 2015

How do you guard against a threat from pilots?

Since the September 11 hijackings 14 years ago, improvements to aviation security have had a strong focus...

By CNN.com / March 27, 2015

When Jeb Met Jeb: The Tragic True Story of a Governor and a Manatee

It was the kind of feel-good photo op that campaigns love: A manatee nursed back to health from the brink...

By Sam / March 27, 2015

Investigator: Deputies forced inmates to fight, took bets

At just 150 pounds, it was hardly fair to pit Ricardo Palikiko Garcia against an opponent well over twice...

By CNN.com / March 27, 2015

Ex-sitcom star arrested

On "Family Matters" we knew him as Eddie Winslow. This week, as inmate 402282.

By CNN.com / March 27, 2015

Saudis keep heat, strikes on Yemen

A coalition of Middle Eastern forces pounded positions in Yemen from the air overnight in the second...

By CNN.com / March 27, 2015

'Deliberate' crash leaves many unanswered questions

A day after a French prosecutor said a co-pilot intentionally set a Germanwings plane on a fatal descent,...

By CNN.com / March 27, 2015