Bird Flu Hits Iowa Farm With 5.3 Million Chickens

An Iowa chicken flock has been hit with avian influenza, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said, marking...

By / April 21, 2015

A Marathon Through the Shadows

On Monday in Boston, Massachusetts, tens of thousands of runners braved cold and slick conditions to participate...

By Adam / April 20, 2015

The Dilemmas of Maker Culture

What are some of the fast-changing elements of the "maker movement," currently reshaping part of the American...

By John / April 20, 2015

The Gathering Storm: An IRS Defeat

By Pittsburgh / April 20, 2015

Raytheon to Plow $1.7 Billion Into New Cyber Venture

Raytheon is betting it can leverage the cybersecurity skills it honed for the U.S. military and intelligence...

By / April 20, 2015

Nice Downtowns: How Did They Get That Way?

I had anticipated some of the rewards and discoveries of visiting cities in the process of economic and cultural...

By James / April 19, 2015

How Makerspaces Help Local Economies

Two and a half years ago, James Fallows wrote an article about the changing state of American manufacturing....

By John / April 17, 2015

Reinstating Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson, the star NFL running back who missed nearly the entire 2014 season while facing child-abuse...

By Adam / April 16, 2015

Today's Aviation News: The Good and the Weird

1) Good News: Kestrel and Eclipse Two of the protagonists of my 2001 book Free Flight were Alan Klapmeier,...

By James / April 16, 2015

When Security Screening Crosses the Line

How intrusive is airport security these days? For ten or eleven male passengers, normal TSA screening...

By Conor / April 15, 2015

When Police Brutality Goes Beyond a 'Bad Apple' Cop

When a police officer is caught flagrantly misbehaving on video, the most that superiors and union officials...

By Conor / April 14, 2015

The Afterlife of Abraham Lincoln

On April 14, 1865, Abraham Lincoln was shot dead by John Wilkes Booth. The moment of the president’s...

By Zach / April 13, 2015


What a rush! Volunteers bring Montana gold mining ghost town to life

This place has gone from ghost town to boomtown.The U.S. Bureau of Land Management wants to give four...

By FOX / April 21, 2015

New Genetic Tests for Breast Cancer Hold Promise

Two advances in tests for the genes that carry an added risk of breast cancer promise to make the process...

By ANDREW / April 21, 2015

Rangers 2, Penguins 1: Rangers Stifle Penguins for 40 Minutes, Then Withstand a Flurry

The Rangers, who were No. 3 in the N.H.L. in goals against in the regular season, regained their defensive...

By CHRIS / April 21, 2015

Warning Iran, U.S. Sends Two More Ships to Yemen

The Obama administration cast the deployment on Monday as primarily a show of force to discourage Iran’s...

By MICHAEL / April 21, 2015

Empty Nest? Adult Children in Slovakia Are Right at Home With the Parents

The former Communist states in Europe have seen a sharp rise in adult children living at home, but nothing...

By RICK / April 20, 2015

Teachers’ Unions Reasserting Themselves With Push Against Standardized Testing

Often painted as obstacles to improving schools, the unions now find common ground with conservative...

By KATE / April 20, 2015

Upbeat Cuomo Arrives in Cuba, Seeking Trade and Recalling His Father

On the flight to Havana, the governor waxed on about his father’s relationship with Fidel Castro and spoke...

By SUSANNE / April 20, 2015

First Draft: Kochs Signal Support for Scott Walker

Charles G. and David H. Koch, the influential and big-spending conservative donors, have a favorite in the race...

By NICHOLAS / April 20, 2015

Mom, daughter who disappeared in NYC found safe

By Fox / April 20, 2015


Woman Who Designed "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" Sign Dies

Woman who designed iconic "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign dies at 91

By ABC / April 21, 2015

US, Japan Talks Fail to Close Gap on Farm, Auto Trade

US, Japan trade officials claim progress but fail to close gaps on farm, auto market barriers

By ABC / April 21, 2015

Utah woman who pleaded guilty to killing 6 of her newborn children and hiding the bodies in boxes is sentenced to prison for up to life - @sltrib

Utah woman who pleaded guilty to killing 6 of her newborn children and hiding the bodies in boxes is sentenced...

By Tom / April 20, 2015

Police Thank Social Media for Finding Unattended Child's Parents

A small child was found alone at an Aurora, Colorado, restaurant.

By ABC / April 20, 2015

The Shady Industry That’s Trapping Door-to-Door Magazine Sellers

“Oh my God, can you grab him?” I shouted at the woman at the door, as my 3-month-old puppy darted...

By Darlena / April 20, 2015

How Corporate Lobbyists Conquered American Democracy

Something is out of balance in Washington. Corporations now spend about $2.6 billion a year on reported...

By Lee / April 20, 2015

A Small Victory for Fliers: Summer Domestic Fares Fall $2.01

Fliers see cheaper tickets this summer domestically and to Europe; Hawaii 10 percent lower

By ABC / April 20, 2015

South Korea to significantly increase defense spending by 2020 in face of North Korea nuclear threat - @YonhapNews

South Korea to significantly increase defense spending by 2020 in face of North Korea nuclear threat...

By David / April 20, 2015

Tim Tebow to Sign with Philadelphia Eagles

Tim Tebow's football career is getting new life. The faith-filled quarterback is reportedly signing a one-year...

By / April 20, 2015

When Cops Check Facebook

In 2012, Brooklyn police officer Michael Rodrigues arrested a burglary gang, the Brower Boys, by adding...

By Meredith / April 19, 2015

Chief Juror of the United States

Imagine you're a lawyer entering the courtroom to select the 12 men and women who will decide the civil...

By Russell / April 18, 2015

How America Reduced Its Healthcare Spending by $2 Trillion

The early days of the Obama administration were a chaos of uncertainty, between the historic housing...

By Derek / April 17, 2015


'In God We Trust' Motto a New Addition to North Carolina Public Buildings

North Carolina's McDowell County is now the third municipality in the state to approve adding the national...

By The / April 20, 2015

No. Carolina House Approves Bill to Put Billy Graham Statue in US Capitol

The North Carolina House has approved a proposal to put a statue of evangelist Billy Graham in National...

By The / April 18, 2015


Car stuck on beach, gets flipped by waves

Two passengers are pulled from their stranded car just as waves were about to flip it on its top. KOMO...

By / April 21, 2015

Blue Bell Ice Cream recalls all products

After weeks of gradual recalls, Blue Bell Creameries is now pulling all of its products off the shelves. ...

By / April 21, 2015

TSA report: No full check for workers

A Transportation Security Administration committee concluded that full screening of airport employees...

By / April 21, 2015

History of marijuana in America

Public perceptions about pot have come a long way, from the dire warnings of "Reefer Madness" to growing...

By / April 21, 2015

7 uses for medical marijuana

Take a look at some potential uses of marijuana as medicine.

By / April 21, 2015

Homeopathic medicine under FDA scrutiny

By some estimates, about a third of Americans use some form of alternative medicine, including homeopathic...

By / April 21, 2015

See the Gulf of Mexico 5 years after the BP oil spill

Remnants remain five years after a BP oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, killing 11 people.

By / April 20, 2015

George Lucas gets payback on neighbors

Filmmaker George Lucas plans to build a giant affordable housing development on his Skywalker Ranch property...

By / April 20, 2015

Koch brother picks 2016 favorite

Billionaire businessman and powerful Republican donor David Koch wants Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to be the next...

By / April 20, 2015

U.S. moves ships to watch Iran

U.S. officials tell CNN that in addition to reassuring allies in the region, U.S. warships are being...

By / April 20, 2015

U.S. Navy ship moving closer to Yemen

CNN's Jim Sciutto reports on a U.S. aircraft carrier moving closer to the coast of Yemen as chaos continues...

By / April 20, 2015

Xenophobic killing caught by photographer

He checked the series of stills on his camera. It was then that photographer James Oatway realized the entire...

By / April 20, 2015