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Lou Carlozo

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Genevieve Carlozo, my 4-year-old daughter, boasts a grin like a Cheshire cat on speed and a sophisticated knowledge of dinosaurs-just ask her what a diplodocus looks like. And she's always laughing; she's the kind of girl who fits her nickname "Pookey Bear"...
Many of my colleagues are afraid to speak out about being fired from the Chicago Tribune; I got one call today from a former co-worker (also laid off) who warned me that if I badmouthed my employer of 16 years,...
Now that Michael Jackson is dead-or to quote one of his album titles, "HIStory"-an antidote is sorely needed to the gushing CNN and Fox News anchors I heard all last night and into this morning, eulogizing Jackson
There's this scene in the "Willy Wonka" movie (not that lame Tim Burton one, but the kickass 1971 flick with Gene Wilder) where a corpulent kid names Augustus Gloop leans over into a chocolate river and falls in. He
Dear Mark Zuckerberg:As I write this, I'm going to post news of this blog to Facebook. But because some Faceless evildoer in my circle of 667 "friends"-I know not who-once reported a blog I wrote as containing
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