Malpractice at Planned Parenthood

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Medical Laws, Misinformation and Malpractice at Planned Parenthood
"At Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, we know that to truly take charge, you need information. You need facts. You need knowledge."
-Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin website, accessed 12.7.09
We've seen women sobbing in waiting rooms, vomiting in hallways, and the tired, strained faces of low-level Planned Parenthood staff who may be thinking twice about their jobs at America's abortion industry giant.
We have documented racism, lies to skirt parental consent laws, and sexual abuse coverup.
But it is Live Action's latest investigation, The Rosa Acuna Project, that exposes the deceitful core of the abortion economy.
Planned Parenthood makes $500 each time they convince a woman to abort her child. Along with their big government subsidies of over 330 million, the corporation makes more than 100 million dollars a year on abortion. In order to support this cash flow, Planned Parenthood needs the cooperation of pregnant women.
In Planned Parenthood clinics across the country, our investigators have been told that the unborn child is a tadpole, an electrical flicker, a blood clot, "just white fibrous tissue," a "lima-bean thing", a "'slaw cup" (because it's small enough to fit into a coleslaw cup when it's aborted).
Abby Johnson, the recently resigned manager of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas says:
"...with the downward economy, they are really trying to increase their abortion numbers, because that is the most lucrative part of their business"
Watch as our experienced team of investigators goes undercover again at Planned Parenthood to see what the nation's leading abortion giant tells women about their own children.  If health care reform passes as it stands, this is what our government will be funding with unprecedented amounts of your money.
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