The Road To Peace

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The greatest lie ever told -- up there with "Hamas is a fringe group of radical Islamists that don't represent the will of the Palestinian people."  Duh...?  Who do you think elected "Hamas" to represent the Palestinian people -- a handful of I.E.D. carrying Islamists?  And to make matters worse, to watch this nation's coverage of the present conflict in Gaza, you'd think we were transmitting from Lebanon.  When will we learn that the definition of "victim" cannot be drawn from the number of innocent civilians killed in war.  It's not a matter of "bean counting".  It's as much a moral equation as crunching numbers.  The fact that Hamas uses civilians as human shields to drive up the body count in their favor, is a far more heinous crime then the number of Palestinian women and children killed in this conflict.  And if you don't believe me, just look at the #5 in Hamas command that was killed along with his two wives and five children in a targeted Israeli bombing.  No where in our press or TV reports have I seen that he had prior warning from the Israelis that they were going to bomb his house, and chose to stay their and die.  Or that a year prior to the bombing sent his own son out to die in a suicide bombing.  Hamas doesn't care about who dies, or how many of their people they sacrifice on the alter of public relations.  All they want is to be viewed as the victim, and the higher they can drive up their dead, the more people they win to their side.  And if you want to ask yourself what would you do if you were the Israelis, imagine living in El Paso, and having 6000 rockets fired over the Mexican border at our people.  Bottom line is that Mexico would find itself the 52nd state.

"The Road To Peace" never existed.  And if it did, it has been mined with so many lethal political, religious, and anti Semitic I.E.D.s filled with hatred that it can never be traversed.  If we want peace we must totally get rid of the step by step approach -- you do that, and we'll do this way of solving problems.  We must blow up The Road To Peace with one bomb.  And that bomb should be...  One City Under God.

While casting the film "The Body" in Israel, I wanted a Palestinian to play the role of the lead antagonist.  My producers, on the other hand, wanted me to cast an Israeli to play the role.  Turning a deaf ear to their pleas, I met with a great Palestinian actor, and a hero of the PLO. Since the script dealt with Jerusalem being a pawn in an international scheme of blackmail, the actor asked me what I would say about the jewel in the crown of any negotiation for peace.  To which I told the actor that I considered Jerusalem to be the same as the child King Solomon ruled over.  That it could never be divided, but only given back to its true parent.  Sure of my intent, the actor then said "Israel"?! To which I replied, "No.  To God."  I then went on to explain to him that I thought Jerusalem should be turned into a Vatican state run by all religions.  That no flag should fly over this the holy of holiest-cities.

The actor then told me a story about two men who believed they owned the same land, and brought their dispute to a learned rabbi.  Hearing the story, the Rabbi told the men that because they both had equal rights to the land, they must go to the land and ask Her to whom she belonged.  And so they did.  They went to the land and asked her to whom she belonged, to which she replied "I belong to no man... they belong to me."  And on that, the actor told me that we both were in sync.  That his belief and mine were the same.  Jerusalem should belong to no nation, but to God.  One City Under God.  A beacon of hope from the city of hope.  

And so I cast the actor, against everyone's wishes, and we included his story in the film along with mine.  Of course none of this ever reached the screen, but ended up on the cutting room floor.  And though the public never got to see this, the thought never left.  And so I now put it out to you.  Solve the issue of Jerusalem first, and the "Road To Peace" will not be an issue any more.  One City Under God.  Put it in your hearts -- on your lips.  Shout it from the rooftops.  Put it on bumper stickers.  Help us force both sides to make it a reality, and you will soon see that the new city that rises from the ashes of this present conflict, will become a shinning light for the entire world.


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