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This post will offend a significant portion of the people that I know and love.  If you like Bob Dylan, and don't like getting riled up, stop reading.  

This morning, I went to Borders to look for a book about basic electronics (as of late I've become interested in such things).  I bought no such book.  Instead, I bought four items having nothing to do with electronics.  As I perused the music section, I noticed a very annoying thing.  There was a grand total of ONE queen album and FIFTEEN separate Bob Dylan records (including that abysmal excuse for a christmas album he released last year).  I'm not at all slamming Borders.  It doesn't take an MBA to know that as a business, you should stock what sells.  Rather, my criticism is directed towards the consumer.  It seems that an overwhelming majority prefer Bob Dylan to Queen, and that is a travesty. 

Before you Dylan disciples begin to angrily hurl insults at me, let me clarify one thing.  This is not a discussion about finding more books by Freddy Mercury than Bob Dylan in the poetry section.  You'd have to be crazy to give the nod to Mercury over Dylan in that regard.  This is a discussion regarding one question in particular: How is Bob Dylan, with his mediocre skills as a musician and frankly terrible voice and equally terrible harmonica playing selling more records than Queen, arguably the most musically advanced rock group of their time as well as ours?

At another time, I'll give my own explanation, but for now, I'd like to hear yours.  For my money, I'd much rather hear actual musicians covering Bob Dylan songs than hear Bob Dylan play them himself.

One more clarification: I'm not saying that there's not an appeal to Dylan's music.  There certainly is.  I just don't think he holds a candle to Queen's music.  

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