Australia in Talks to Send Refugees to the Philippines

Australia confirms it is in talks to resettle its refugees in the Philippines

By ABC / October 9, 2015

‘The Vampire Diaries': Life Without Elena Is Pretty Dire — And Explosive — In The Season 7 Premiere

"The Vampire Diaries" adjusts to "Life Without Elena" in the Season 7 premiere.

By Crystal / October 9, 2015

Chapo Guzman’s rumored $100M bounty on Trump is 'reason for concern'

By Fox / October 8, 2015

Which Of These Rihanna Memes Are You? [QUIZ]

Find out which Rhenna you are.

By Maeve / October 8, 2015

This Badass Teen Is Killin’ It On The Soccer Field — Without Legs

This is beyond inspiring.

By Deepa / October 8, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: U.S. officials conclude Iran deal violates federal law

Some senior U.S. officials involved in the implementation of the Iran nuclear deal have privately concluded...

By FOX / October 8, 2015

Meet The Couple That Runs A Pizza Yacht And Reconsider Your Life Choices

Well, this sounds like a slice of heaven.

By Tess / October 8, 2015

‘Furious 8′ Has Officially Found Its Director (And It’s Not Vin Diesel)

"Furious 8" has officially found its director, and it's not Vin Diesel.

By Kase / October 8, 2015

McCarthy Withdraws Candidacy for Speaker

McCarthy withdraws candidacy for speaker, GOP vote postponed

By ABC / October 8, 2015

Why There's Nothing Outrageous About Urban Outfitters' Request for 'Free Work'

The retailer sent an email asking employees to work on the weekend with no overtime. But before you jump...

By Carly / October 8, 2015

Volkswagen U.S. CEO Says He Didn't Know in 2014 of 'Defeat Devices'

Volkswagen’s top U.S. executive told lawmakers he didn’t know or suspect in 2014 that the German...

By / October 8, 2015

The 5 Sections to Pay Close Attention to in a Franchise Disclosure Document

A great deal of your time and money is on the line, so you need to know everything there is to know about...

By Rick / October 8, 2015

Video: California Officers Ignored Dying Man's Distress

Video: California police officers ignored dying man's distress, suspected he was faking

By ABC / October 8, 2015

National Journal’s Ron Fournier: Clinton Campaign “Haven’t Been Telling Us the Truth” on Email Server [Video]

MSNBC’s Morning Joe, where skepticism about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while...

By Don / October 8, 2015

A New Dating App for Divorcees Aims to Make the Second (or Third or Fourth) Time Around Smoother

Dating is complicated, especially after a divorce. Vikki Ziegler, star of Bravo's 'Untying the Knot,'...

By Kim / October 8, 2015

3 Ways to Keep Company Morale Up During High Turnover

Here are a few budget-friendly ways to keep your employees happy and engaged even when the tides are tough. ...

By Jason / October 8, 2015

In the War to Win Drivers, Lyft Sweetens Its Sell With a Few Clutch Offerings

The San Francisco-based ridesharing service is hustling to put pressure on Uber.

By Catherine / October 8, 2015

Why Smart Entrepreneurs Are Swiping 'Right' on Recruiting Apps

Looking for a great app to invent? Think: recruitment.

By Sathvik / October 8, 2015

7 Tasks Steve Jobs Left Undone

Apple has survived and thrived in the four years since the death of Steve Jobs. But what would it look...

By Geoffrey / October 8, 2015

Why This Bootstrapped Company Is Outperforming a Competitor That Raised $200 Million

Homepolish is a platform that connects interior designers with clients. This is the story of how its CEO Noa Santos...

By Alex / October 8, 2015

Makerbot Announces Layoffs. Again.

The pioneering, once-hot 3-D printing company now faces a rockier road.

By Christine / October 8, 2015

No charges filed against driver whose loose mattresses caused deadly tanker accident on NJ Turnpike - @NBCNewYork

No charges filed against driver whose loose mattresses caused deadly tanker accident on NJ Turnpike - @NBCNewYork

By Jillian / October 8, 2015

7 Reasons the MBA Is (Still) a Smart Investment

The value of all higher education, including business degrees, has never received more scrutiny than...

By Ilan / October 8, 2015

5 LinkedIn Mistakes Costing You Career Opportunities

Everyone needs a LinkedIn profile today. However, most people are filling them out wrong - and it's hurting...

By J.T. / October 8, 2015

I Cried on 'Shark Tank' Last Week, and I'm Not Sorry About It

Sending the message to women entrepreneurs that they must leave their emotions at home is an outdated...

By Mikki / October 8, 2015

Why Worrying About Your Reputation Will Result in Startup Failure

There are many types of fears that can derail you and your company, but reputational fear is the Big Kahuna.

By Chris / October 8, 2015

Police say Israeli is in serious condition after stabbing near Kiryat Arba, next to Palestine's Hebron; army says stabber got away, 3rd stabbing reported on Thursday - @MaayanLubell

Police say Israeli is in serious condition after stabbing near Kiryat Arba, next to Palestine's Hebron;...

By Rebecca / October 8, 2015