Cole Sprouse Shared More Pics Of His Halloween Costume, And It’s Definitely The Suitest

Cole Sprouse from Disney Channel's "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" shares his finished Halloween costume...

By Stacey / October 7, 2015

What Happens When You Stalk Your Ex On Social Media? Shame, Regret And More!

Resist. The. Temptation.

By Deepa / October 7, 2015

Shania Twain forced to cancel tour dates due to respiratory infection

Shania Twain has been forced to cancel some upcoming dates on her last-ever tour after coming down with...

By FOX / October 7, 2015

Here’s The Good News About ‘The Flash’ Premiere’s Shocking Death

The season two premiere episode of the Grant Gustin superhero series included the death of a main character,...

By Josh / October 7, 2015

Mental Illnesses Aren’t Insults — So Let’s All Drop These Words

A psychologist told us why we should be careful not to use mental illnesses as insults and how to fight...

By Katherine / October 7, 2015

Cities designate 'safe zones' to take the danger out of classified ad deals

By Fox / October 7, 2015

Oregon college shooter's mother discussed guns, 'lame' gun control laws in online posts

The mother of a gunman who killed nine people and himself at an Oregon community college allowed her troubled...

By FOX / October 7, 2015

Pastors Lead the Way in Helping Ore. Town Grieve

In the aftermath of the shooting at Oregon's Umpqua Community College, pastors and other first responders...

By / October 7, 2015

Islamic Terrorists Among Mideast Wave of Migrants?

The EU migrant wave is now leading to violence against Christians, Yazidis and Kurds, and President...

By / October 7, 2015 Discusses 'Dumb-Thumbing,' Wearables and Giving Back at Inaugural Entrepreneur360 Conference

The hitmaker discussed what fuels him in art and business.

By Geoff / October 7, 2015

Have a Burning Business Question? Ask the Expert: Sales Pro Joe Gustafson.

Our expert this month is looking to take your questions about all things sales, including pitches, presentations,...

By Andrea / October 7, 2015

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell: Clinton Campaign Didn’t Get Permission to Use My Voice in New Ad [Video]

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign produced a new television ad that attacks Republicans, claiming...

By Don / October 7, 2015

6 Signs That You're Not Cut Out for Entrepreneurship

Prefer following orders? Get along with everyone in your life? Starting a business may not be for you. ...

By Neil / October 7, 2015

White House Claims Putin is Playing Checkers, Not Chess, in Foreign Policy Moves

This is one of the I’m-in-denial moment for the Obama administration as Russia is becoming a regional...

By Spencer / October 7, 2015

4 Intellectual Property Myths That You Should Avoid

Don't get tripped up in legal technicalities in the pursuit of protecting your ideas.

By Nina / October 7, 2015

10 Traits of the Most Innovative Entrepreneurs

The most creative people in business look at the same things as everybody else but they see them differently. ...

By Thai / October 7, 2015

Why Business Leaders Must 'Clean the Bathroom'

If you look yourself away in an ivory tower and don't stay in touch with employees on the front lines,...

By Jeffrey / October 7, 2015

Analysis: 6 Things Wrong with Hillary Clinton’s Anti-Gun Comments

The Free Beacon nailed it on the head and dismantles Hillary’s anti-gun, liberal narrative.

By Spencer / October 7, 2015

Elon Musk: 'I Wouldn't Recommend Running Two Companies'

During a media appearance on Tuesday, the SpaceX and Tesla Motors CEO was asked about his thoughts on Jack...

By Jillian / October 7, 2015

Photo: Dive team to search area on Congaree Road in Richland, SC, where 2 people went missing after their truck was swept away - @KHamptonWBTV

Photo: Dive team to search area on Congaree Road in Richland, SC, where 2 people went missing after their...

By Shelley / October 7, 2015

Why Elon Musk, Other Entrepreneurs Fear Vacations

An aversion to vacations is an Achilles heel even among the strongest entrepreneurs.

By Damon / October 7, 2015

Why Sweden's New 6-Hour Work Day Standard is a Good Idea

Do we really need to work 40 or more hours a week to get things done? Some Swedish companies think not.

By Marla / October 7, 2015

6 Powerful Ways To Thank Your Team For Being Awesome

Recognizing good work can have significant payoffs for those who work with you and for you.

By Lolly / October 7, 2015

4 Ways Your Lunch Break Can Make You Happier and More Successful (Infographic)

Most of us aren't spending our lunch breaks the way we'd like, a new survey reveals. It's time to make...

By Minda / October 7, 2015

17 Bad Habits That Can Make Millennials Look Really Unprofessional

Millennials, amirite? (Readers and leaders offer advice.)

By Bill / October 7, 2015

Japanese stocks extend falls after Bank of Japan decides to maintain its monetary policy; Nikkei down 0.75% - @Reuters

Japanese stocks extend falls after Bank of Japan decides to maintain its monetary policy; Nikkei down...

By Jimmy / October 7, 2015

4 Lessons From TED Talks on How to Find Inner Calm and Happiness

Want a happier life? Stop rushing through it.

By Minda / October 7, 2015