Halloween Nostalgia: We’re Remembering Snooki’s Legendary Pickle Costume

Five years ago, Snooki donned her infamous pickle Halloween costume -- see pics!

By Ericka / October 8, 2015

New Comic Series ‘Unfollow’ Will Make You Seriously Rethink Your Twitter Account

"Unfollow" is a new comic series where 140 characters are given the chance to inherit millions of dollars...

By Victoria / October 8, 2015

South Carolina governor says flood danger remains for next 24-48 hours

By Fox / October 8, 2015

IU Frat Suspended After Leaked Video Shows A Pledge Being Forced To Give Oral Sex

A.M. Click: An Indiana University frat was suspended Wednesday after a video surfaced that appeared to show...

By Gil / October 8, 2015

Stinky Paris: Garbage Collectors Strike Over Pay, Cost Cuts

Stinky Paris: Garbage collectors on strike amid national frustration over spending cuts

By ABC / October 8, 2015

The First ‘AHS: Hotel’ Victim Reveals What It’s Like To Be Killed By Gaga

We checked in with "American Horror Story: Hotel" actress Chasty Ballesteros to find out what it's like...

By Shaunna / October 8, 2015

Florida school board reaches $600G settlement over principal who hypnotized students

The families of three high school students who died after being hypnotized by a former principal will...

By FOX / October 8, 2015

Austin Mahone Drops Sultry Track ‘Put It On Me’ With Sage The Gemini

Austin Mahone recruited Sage the Gemini for his sultry new track "Put It On Me."

By Madeline / October 8, 2015

‘Empire': You Can’t Keep Cookie Down — Or Can You? — In ‘Fires Of Heaven’

Cookie and Lucious wage war in "Empire" Season 2, Episode 3 ("Fires of Heaven").

By Crystal / October 8, 2015

10 Realizations Every Entrepreneur Eventually Has

Fear of mistakes. lack of control, the over-emphasis on data: Do you recognize yourself here?

By Jayson / October 8, 2015

WSJ Survey: Economists See U.S. Near 'Full' Employment

The U.S. economy is at last on the cusp of full employment after years of sluggish recovery and widespread...

By WSJ.com: / October 8, 2015

Under Union Pressure, Democrats Bail on Education Form with Campbell Brown

The former CNN anchor-turned-education-activist Campbell Brown said that teachers’ unions have...

By Spencer / October 8, 2015

Become a Press Magnet by Following This 5-Step Blueprint

It's possible to secure valuable and effective press on your own -- it just requires diligence.

By Jonathan / October 8, 2015

Forget a 'Dislike' Button. Facebook Is Testing Cute Emoji 'Reactions' Instead.

'Like' doesn't always cut it. We need all the feels.

By Kim / October 8, 2015

How To Turn $5 into a New Customer on Facebook

Think about the help you can get from M.O.M.

By Kim / October 8, 2015

How an Army Veteran Finds Peace in Ceramics

Jon Meadows uses sculpturing to detail his time at war and healing at home.

By ABC / October 8, 2015

Hillary Clinton Feigns Ignorance of Super PACs Attacking Primary Challengers, GOP

She made it clear in her interview with PBS Newshour that she wants Super PACs to attack the GOP and any of her primary...

By Spencer / October 8, 2015

How to Build Your Brand the Right Way

This business expert says using social media to promote yourself is no way to grow a business. Find out what...

By Steve / October 8, 2015

I Cried on 'Shark Tank' Last Week, and I'm Not Sorry About It

Sending the message to women entrepreneurs that they must leave their emotions at home is an outdated...

By Mikki / October 8, 2015

Why Worrying About Your Reputation Will Result in Startup Failure

There are many types of fears that can derail you and your company, but reputational fear is the Big Kahuna.

By Chris / October 8, 2015

Police say Israeli is in serious condition after stabbing near Kiryat Arba, next to Palestine's Hebron; army says stabber got away, 3rd stabbing reported on Thursday - @MaayanLubell

Police say Israeli is in serious condition after stabbing near Kiryat Arba, next to Palestine's Hebron;...

By Rebecca / October 8, 2015

6 Ways Successful People Make a Good First Impression

The first few seconds are critical. Here's how to make them count.

By Jeremy / October 8, 2015

13 Annoying Email Mistakes Even Smart People Make

Top executives reveal their chief complaints about the email they receive.

By Minda / October 8, 2015

Indonesia's president asks Singapore, Russia, Malaysia and Japan for help to put out forest fires causing choking smoke to drift across region - @ChannelNewsAsia

Indonesia's president asks Singapore, Russia, Malaysia and Japan for help to put out forest fires causing...

By Jimmy / October 8, 2015

From Dead-End Job to Billionaire in 5 Years (An Inspiring True Story)

Most people miss the most important part of how Ryan Graves joined the "three comma club."

By Bill / October 8, 2015

Pandora Acquires Ticketfly for $450 Million

The deal will help the streaming music company get into the business of selling concert tickets.

By MARLEY / October 7, 2015

'Steve Jobs' Goes Behind the Scenes in the Life of a Troubled Innovator

The new film from director Danny Boyle is an engrossing character study of the late Apple co-founder.

By Graham / October 7, 2015