Zimbabwean Trial of Guide in Cecil Killing Is Postponed

Theo Bronkhorst faces charges of failing to prevent an unlawful hunt.

By ABC / August 5, 2015

The Republican Road Block Ahead

We head into the first presidential debate in Cleveland with Donald Trump leading the field and confounding...

By Norm / August 5, 2015

'One big monster' California wildfire bears down on popular vacation spot

A predictable but painful summertime ritual played out in half a dozen resort communities near California's...

By FOX / August 5, 2015

Hewitt Opens Last North American Hard-Court Swing With Win

2-time major champ Hewitt, nearing retirement, begins North American hard-court swing with win

By ABC / August 5, 2015

TIME TO STEP IN Watchdogs urge Congress to reverse IG crackdown

By Fox / August 5, 2015

Nurses Partner to 'Wipe Out Diaper Need'

Families canĀ get governmental aid for necessities like food, but there's another need that some families...

By CBN.com / August 5, 2015

Beware of plant that can cause blindness, Michigan health officials say

By Fox / August 4, 2015

APNewsBreak: Kansas Ends $25 Cap on Cash Benefits From ATMs

APNewsBreak: Kansas rescinds limit of $25 per day on ATM withdrawals of cash assistance

By ABC / August 4, 2015

Kim Richards arrested for shoplifting

Kim Richards has been arrested for shoplifting.

By FOX / August 4, 2015

The 4 Steps Needed to Instill an Entrepreneurial Mindset Into Your Company Culture

Entrepreneurship is a mindset, but to succeed, you must transform it into a business model.

By Elise / August 5, 2015

Six phrases to watch for in Thursday's GOP debate

The candidates at presidential debates come and go, but there are a handful of stock expressions and phrases...

By Christian / August 5, 2015

7 Timeless Lessons About Getting Rich From a Book Your Grandparents Read

The Richest Man in Babylon may have been about a merchant in ancient times, but the wisdom still applies...

By Brandon / August 5, 2015

Sheriff: 'Ritualistic' Killings May Be Tied to Blue Moon

Sheriff: 'Ritualistic' killings of mother, 2 sons may be tied to recent blue moon

By ABC / August 5, 2015

Your Franchisor Needs to Give You the Tools to Succeed

Peter Castorena says that franchisor support was key to becoming a successful Minuteman Press franchisee. ...

By Kate / August 5, 2015

As Syrian regime teeters, Obama lacks a plan

Tired of the bantering about the deeply-flawed Iran nuclear deal? No worries, there are plenty of other...

By Peter / August 5, 2015

Will Joe Biden run? Can he win? (+video)

A Biden candidacy will generate quite a bit of media coverage, much of it initially positive, from a grateful...

By Christian / August 5, 2015

Full Episode: WN 08/04/15: NYC Mayor's Urgent Warning About Legionnaire's Disease

Republican candidates get ready to debate; stuntman Robbie Madison's wild motorcycle ride on the ocean.

By ABC / August 5, 2015

L.A. County takes a step toward moratorium on electronic dance music events

The two women who collapsed and died from suspected drug overdoses at the Hard Summer music festival...

By Garrett / August 5, 2015

Can You Turn Down a Dinner Invitation From the Boss?

When the boss invites you to a team dinner at her house, is saying no a career-killer?

By Alison / August 5, 2015

New non-executive director for First Derivatives

Newry-headquartered software and consulting company First Derivatives (FD) has appointed Jon Robson as a non-executive...

By Business / August 5, 2015

15 Smart Things to Say That Will Reassure People You're a True Professional

Simple phrases, confidently uttered; confidence gained.

By Bill / August 5, 2015

Editor's note: We're seeing tweets - but no stories yet - about a possible capsized boat on Lake Victoria. - Tom

Editor's note: We're seeing tweets - but no stories yet - about a possible capsized boat on Lake Victoria....

By Tom / August 5, 2015

The Instacart App Finds You the Perfect Avocado

Instacart is a two-sided service marketplace connecting supermarket customers with on-demand grocery...

By Alex / August 5, 2015

Netflix to Give Parents with Babies a Year of Paid Leave

The company is hoping the generous benefit helps lure more talent in an increasingly competitive market.

By MICHAEL / August 4, 2015

7 Awesome Untapped Movie Ideas From the '80s

Hollywood is already turning comic books and video games into movies. Now feature films based on PEZ dispensers...

By Ilan / August 4, 2015

Taylor Swift Slams Spotify For Low Profits

The superstar called out the music-streaming service "a startup with no cash flow" in a recent interview.

By Alyson / August 4, 2015

2 people awake and alert after small plane crash near Austin, Texas, airport, emergency responders say - @statesman

2 people awake and alert after small plane crash near Austin, Texas, airport, emergency responders say - @statesman

By Jimmy / August 4, 2015