'Spotlight' Tops Gotham Independent Film Awards

'Spotlight' wins best feature at Gotham Independent Film Awards

By ABC / December 1, 2015

John Legend’s ‘Under The Stars’ Has A Surprising Back-Up Star

John Legend's latest duet is with an actual star.

By Amanda / December 1, 2015

John Stamos Celebrated Mary-Kate Olsen’s Wedding With An Adorable Throwback Pic

To celebrate Mary-Kate Olsen's marriage to French banker Olivier Sarkozy, John Stamos shared a throwback...

By Amanda / December 1, 2015

Listen To Beyoncé’s New Coldplay Collab ‘Hymn For The Weekend’

"Hymn for the Weekend," the collaboration between Coldplay and Beyoncé has been revealed.

By Amanda / December 1, 2015

Here's how much your stolen data is worth on the Dark Web

By Fox / December 1, 2015

In Defense Of Harry Styles’ Wild New Wardrobe And Its Rock Origins

Harry Styles' kooky aunt style is more rockstar based than you realize.

By Maeve / November 30, 2015

Adele And Britney Spears: A Timeline Of Their BFF-dom

Britney Spears and Adele have had quite the month of exchanging praise for each other. So, can we get these...

By Patrick / November 30, 2015

Syrian Family to Settle in New Jersey

Syrian family preparing to settle in New Jersey, despite Gov. Christie expressing opposition

By ABC / November 30, 2015

Amy Schumer Wears Undies, Heels And Nothing Else — See The Pic

Annie Leibovitz's picture of Amy Schumer shows the comedian in undies, heels and nothing else.

By Amanda / November 30, 2015

Web Sales Hum, but With Smaller Orders

The average amount Americans spent in some key product categories declined on Thanksgiving and Black...

By WSJ.com: / December 1, 2015

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Social Entrepreneur?

'In particular, the two principles of self-reflection and genuine humility are especially important.' ...

By Deborah / November 30, 2015

5 Things That Keep Both Genders Happy in the Workplace

Flexibility in all aspects is key in keeping a happy office atmosphere for both men and women.

By Bob / November 30, 2015

Less than 1% of Obama’s Regulations are Tested for Cost to American Businesses, Consumers

Makes sense as the Obama administration keeps piling on the number of regulations on Americans at a record...

By Spencer / November 30, 2015

5 Tips for Marketing to Conscious Consumers

With do-good mentality on the rise, it's important for marketers to understand the evolving customer...

By Rebekah / November 30, 2015

3 Environmental Problems Entrepreneurs Can Help Solve

Part of the global entrepreneurial challenge is to build profitable business without causing social and environmental...

By Firas / November 30, 2015

5 Tips to Master the Delicate Art of Delegation

Despite how painful it may be, delegation is a critical skill all leaders must have to be successful. ...

By Clark / November 30, 2015

Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Ted Cruz

David Goldman, PJ MediaA month ago I predicted a Cruz-Rubio ticket. Now that Cruz has overtaken Carson...

By , / November 30, 2015

4 Reasons Employees See a Bleak Career Path and Quit

People won't look for another employer if they are confident they can work their way to a better job where...

By Heather / November 30, 2015

4 Tell-Tale Signs You Should Absolutely Not Hire Someone

Ever hire someone and then regretted it? Here's how to keep that from ever happening again.

By Minda / December 1, 2015

5 No-Tears Ways to Win an Ar

Before you lock horns with a loved one, stop for a moment and take these steps.

By Minda / December 1, 2015

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.: Whipping people into a frenzy of hate and anger while providing them with easy access to firearms has proven disastrous in this country...I stand with Planned Parenthood - @ChadPergram

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.: Whipping people into a frenzy of hate and anger while providing...

By Imana / December 1, 2015

2 Morning Exercises That Will Help You Become More Productive

With your runway and money left in the bank account always in the back of your mind, productivity and the ability...

By AJ / December 1, 2015

A Psychologist Says This Is The 1 Phrase You Should Avoid At All Costs

It's something so many people say. But its effect can be very damaging, says a Columbia business professor...

By Chris / November 30, 2015

5 Behaviors of the Most Successful Leaders

How you build individual relationships has a huge impact on how your entire team performs.

By Will / November 30, 2015

7 Ways to Recharge Your Mind Midday

The next time your boss catches you watching a compilation of cat videos, don't minimize your browser...

By Jayson / November 30, 2015

7 Habits That Can Help You Launch Yourself Into Greatness

When Richard Branson first started Virgin Airlines, he knew nothing about starting an airline.

By Quora / November 30, 2015

Best Ways for Young Entrepreneurs to Break Into the Sports Industry

Here is the playbook you should use to help get you a job within the sports industry.

By Darren / November 30, 2015