Humana Considers Sale of Company

Health insurer Humana Inc. is considering selling the company, a move that could trigger a widely anticipated...

By / May 29, 2015

U.S. Must Do More to Help Iraq Fight ISIS

By Washington / May 29, 2015

Scandal in World Soccer Pressures Sponsors

The indictments alleging corruption among FIFA officials leave corporate sponsors facing dilemma of whether...

By / May 29, 2015

America's First Jewish President?

Zev Chafets, FOX NewsIn March, 2013, President Barack Obama paid a state visit to Israel. At the airport...

By Zev / May 28, 2015

Paradise Lost: What the Texas Floods Swept Away

WIMBERLEY, TEXAS—The flash flood warnings kept coming in over television. That is, until the power...

By Richard / May 28, 2015

American Futures Updates, from Mississippi to Arizona to California

Recent notes in the news: 1) The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science. A year ago my wife Deb and I had a deeply...

By James / May 28, 2015

How Nebraska Abolished the Death Penalty

Nebraska on Wednesday became the first conservative state in more than four decades to repeal the death...

By Russell / May 27, 2015

Bring Back the Military Draft? Your Thoughts

In the wake of another Memorial Day, when most Americans recognized their fallen veterans by staying...

By Chris / May 27, 2015

Post-Memorial Day Note: Another Kind of Service, in San Bernardino

In previous accounts we’ve described the economic predicament of San Bernardino, California. Most of its former...

By James / May 26, 2015

Can the Feds Clean Up Cleveland's Police Force?

Updated May 26, 2015, at 2:45 p.m. It’s a sign of how troubled the Cleveland Police Department really...

By David / May 26, 2015

The Man With the Winged Hand-Grenade Tattoo

Jeff Slater, an Army Infantry veteran who served in Iraq, is featured in an online exhibit called War Ink that...

By Jason / May 25, 2015

John Nash's Beautiful Life

John Nash, a Nobel laureate and mathematical genius whose struggle with mental illness was documented...

By Matt / May 24, 2015


Hastert Indictment Shocks His Associates on Capitol Hill

Friends and former colleagues of J. Dennis Hastert, the former House speaker, said they were struggling...

By MICHAEL / May 29, 2015

A Good Appetite: Green Garlic Toast Offers a Hint of Springtime

The stalks have the spirit of regular garlic, but at a gentle whisper rather than an aggressive roar....

By MELISSA / May 29, 2015

U.S. Removes Cuba From State-Sponsored Terrorism List

The decision to remove Cuba from a list of state sponsors of terrorism is a crucial step in normalizing...

By JULIE / May 29, 2015

Minus Physical Evidence in Kayak Case, a Focus on Suspect’s Statements

Legal experts say the incriminating statements from Angelika Graswald, who is accused of killing her fiancé,...

By LISA / May 29, 2015

Water Revolution in Israel Overcomes Any Threat of Drought

A major national effort to desalinate Mediterranean seawater and to recycle wastewater has provided the country...

By ISABEL / May 29, 2015

Chinese Weapons Spotted on Disputed Island, U.S. Says

Artillery vehicles were seen on an artificial island the Chinese are building in the South China Sea,...

By MATTHEW / May 29, 2015

Photographer Gets Prison Sentence for Swindling L’Oréal Heiress

François-Marie Banier was found guilty of “abuse of weakness” and money laundering. He was handed...

By AURELIEN / May 29, 2015

U.S. Economy Contracted 0.7% in First Quarter

The revision downward, which was expected after a brutal winter, underscores the American economy’s...

By NELSON / May 29, 2015

First Draft: Gay Hotelier Who Hosted Ted Cruz Made a Campaign Donation, Too

Ian Reisner got a lot of negative reaction in the gay community for hosting an event for Senator Ted Cruz....

By MAGGIE / May 29, 2015


9 States Back Utah Ruling Tossing Federal Prairie Dog Rules

9 states join lawsuit in favor of ruling striking down federal protection for Utah prairie dog

By ABC / May 29, 2015

Grain Mostly Lower, Livestock Lower

Wheat, corn, oats lower and soybeans higher on the CBOT; beef and pork lower on the CME.

By ABC / May 29, 2015

A Lonely Life for Immigrants in America's Rust Belt

CINCINNATI—When they were deciding where to settle down and raise a family, Lorena Mora-Mowry, a lawyer...

By Alana / May 29, 2015

One Retailer's Unusual Message: 'Don't Buy So Much Stuff'

Rick Ridgeway, the vice president of environmental affairs at the outdoor apparel company Patagonia,...

By Saki / May 29, 2015

Merkel says transparency, cleaning up of any dirty business urgently needed at FIFA - @Reuters

Merkel says transparency, cleaning up of any dirty business urgently needed at FIFA - @Reuters

By David / May 29, 2015

Britain's Cameron in Poland in Search for Support on Reform

Britain's Cameron holds 'difficult' talks in Poland as he seeks changes in relationship to EU

By ABC / May 29, 2015

Full Episode: WN 05/28/15: Former House Speaker and Illinois Republican Dennis Hastert Indicted

Pilot accused of being drunk in the cockpit; toxic balls of oil close nine miles of California beaches.

By ABC / May 29, 2015

What Gang Bangers Taught a Chaplain about Jesus

Chris Hoke was a worship leader in search of really finding Jesus. Find out how he found what he was looking...

By / May 29, 2015

How to Fix a Broken Police Department

CINCINNATI—Citizens were throwing stones and beer bottles at police officers in front of City Hall,...

By Alana / May 28, 2015

Why Won't the GOP Declare War on ISIS?

Last week, in an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, former Clinton and Bush administration counter-terrorism...

By Peter / May 28, 2015

Texas Residents Evacuate, More Bad Weather Ahead

The death toll has risen to at least 20 people in this week's catastrophic flooding in Texas and Oklahoma....

By / May 28, 2015

When the Best Page on a Campaign Website Is the One That's Not There

The only unimpeachably good things to emerge from the 2016 presidential election so far have been the 404 pages...

By Robinson / May 27, 2015


Family Christian Stores to Stay Open if Highest Bidder for Company's Assets Is Approved

The locations of the world's largest Christian-focused retailer Family Christian Stores will likely stay...

By The / May 28, 2015


Photos: Behind the burqa

Dozens of women have left their homes in the West to join ISIS. So what do their social media posts reveal...

By / May 29, 2015

IRS data theft is tip of the iceberg

By / May 29, 2015

Photos of the Week: 5/23-5/29 (35 photos)

This week, we have photos of a whirlpool cinema event in Berlin, the oppressive heatwave in India, a high...

By The / May 29, 2015

Lindsay Lohan is off probation after 7 years

The actress completed her community service for a reckless-driving conviction, closing the book on a series...

By / May 29, 2015

Lasers target multiple passenger airplanes

Laser pointers that the FAA says can temporarily blind pilots targeted four commercial passenger jets...

By / May 29, 2015

Oil spill threatens elephant seals

The California oil spill has endangered elephants seals, covering them with oil that's difficult for rescue...

By / May 29, 2015

Women of ISIS: Who are they?

"I made my little steps ... I was trembling. Nervous. Scared..." Shams' breathless prose reads like a trashy...

By / May 29, 2015

Hastert indictment: 5 mysteries

Federal investigators say Dennis Hastert lied to the FBI about $3.5 million he paid to an undisclosed...

By / May 29, 2015

11-year-old graduates, goes to Harvard

An 11-year-old girl has just graduated from high school and is now on her way to Harvard. CNN affiliate...

By / May 29, 2015

Mexican taxis promise to 'hunt down' Uber drivers

Mexico is the site of the latest turf war since the meteoric rise of car service companies.        

By USATODAY / May 29, 2015

Climber goes where 'rescue is impossible'

Mike Libecki is a first ascent addict. He has 60 expeditions under his belt -- all of them to places...

By / May 29, 2015

Living room becomes 'gigantic washing machine'

The ferocious Blanco River surged into the Perez family's vacation home, blowing the door off its frame. ...

By / May 29, 2015