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Dealing with Dementia in Your Home

November 15, 2012 7:33 PM
©Di Patterson, MSG, CPGDealing with dementia in your home can be the single most frustrating experience of your adult life. Depending on your view of aging, it can be bearable or intolerable. Whichever, until you can change the situation,...
As a Gerontologist who studies and promotes the successful aging of human beings, I want to see all of us becoming more mindful of our decisions and activities as we age. Gerontology is a social science that
They started with the respectful senior citizens and retirees, moved to mature individuals and had no problem with the generic, the old. Not all that problematic. I threw down the gauntlet that I wanted reality...If
It's graduation time again, and I am writing this blog today to encourage all students of Aging and budding new Gerontologists who want to have vibrant careers while serving the population we love: older adults and
I am pretty fluent in "elderspeak": my term for the language of what matters to the elderly (the much-older adult). As a Gerontologist, a social scientist who studies research, trends and the promotion of successful
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