Contraception Mandate Rollback Could Be a ‘Message Received’ Signal From Trump After Luther Strange Loss

News Lead / October 10, 2017

roy moore
Sunday mornings, many D.C. politicos wake to hear political gospel from Sunday shows like Meet the Press and Face the Nation. If Roy Moore wins in December, there will be no question he will hear his Sunday gospel in the pews of a church. Moore has had one consistent theme throughout his senate campaign over the last few months. That has been the importance of God and faith in our politics and government. “We’ve got to go back to God,” Moore said at a rally on the eve of his historic election victory last month. “We’ve got to go back to a moral base.” Moore was not the candidate President Donald Trump initially supported. Reportedly at the behest of his inner circle, including his son-in-law Jared Kushner, Trump backed Moore’s opponent Luther Strange in the recent runoff for the Republican nomination. Even with Trump’s endorsement and the backing of the Republican establishment in Washington, Strange still lost by nine points. Trump’s loss in the state was a relatively new phenomenon. Indeed, Alabama has been kind to Trump, the politician. During his bid for the GOP nomination, Trump drew big crowds in Mobile and Huntsville. He won the state’s GOP presidential primary by

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