What Will They Do To Get The Masses To Watch The Olympics This Time?

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Remember Richard Jewell, the security guard who happened to discover a backpack loaded with explosives at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta during the 1996 summer Olympics?  Richard Jewell found the backpack and reported it just 20 minutes before it exploded and killed 1 person and injured over 100. 

When Russia was the big enemy of the U.S., and the Olympics pitted these two foes, American TV audiences were drawn into the drama.  But with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the Olympics lost its breath-holding ability to attract TV audiences.  NBC was failing to get Saturday TV viewers to watch the beginning Olympic events in Atlanta and it had a lot on the line.  Contracts with Olympic sponsors guarantee TV audiences of a given size or final advertising billings are reduced. 

So NBC newsman Fritz Coleman says he just happened to be in the Centennial Olympic Village when Richard Jewell found that backpack and Coleman ran back to the NBC central Olympic news room with the scoop.  Of course, it would have been disastrous to NBC had it not been the first to report the news.  With the explosion news travelled fast.  Busy Americans were quick to turn on their TV sets to see what was happening.  And the 1996 Olympics drew in a record 209 million viewers. 

NBC has again retained the rights to the 2012 Olympics in London by paying a record $1.181 billion for the exclusive rights to air the Olympics in the USA.  The summer 2012 Olympics is once again beginning to fizzle.  There are over 200,000 spare tickets left to be sold for Olympic events as of July 16.  That is not counting over 1 million soccer tickets and 1 million Paralympic tickets that also remain unsold.

So, seemingly out of nowhere, reports are issued that a type of bird flu has been developed in the laboratory that is "only three steps" from mutating into a highly airborne transmissible form of influenza, followed by fears that such a strain of the flu could be developed by bio-terrorists and introduced at the summer Olympics to cause a worldwide pandemic.   Now it is said that the risk of a flu pandemic starting in London during the Olympics is "extreme."  Will this imagined threat be used to draw in TV audiences worldwide to watch the Olympics?

Then, inexplicably, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) airs a documentary about a possible alien invasion by extraterrestrials at the Olympics.  Whoever thought up this one had to be really beaming up to outer space.  The BBC is supposed to be a credible news agency, not a lapdog for promoting the Olympics via sensationalist stories presented as a news documentary.   Some critics say this so-called invasion might end up being a false flag operation. 

When the Olympics starts on July 27, pay close attention if the size of the viewing audience is reported.  If TV audiences are waning and tickets are still unsold, watch for all kinds of stunts to be pulled to draw the world in to watch what has now become a pre-produced extravaganza. 

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