Large, Diverse Field May Help GOP Against Hillary

Matt Lewis, Telegraph...

By Matt / May 3, 2015

DNA Testing Firm Myriad Fights Off Rivals

Nearly two years after the Supreme Court struck down its gene patents, DNA testing company Myriad is fighting...

By / May 3, 2015

Berkshire Shareholders Pepper Buffett With Some Hard Questions

Shareholders peppered Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger with questions ranging from granular to broad...

By / May 3, 2015

Build Your Vocabulary, "Ass Baton" Edition

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have spent the past five days on a criminal-trial jury in D.C. Superior...

By James / May 2, 2015

William Pfaff: Clarity in the American Interest

I am not taking time now to dig around and find some of the best examples of the clear-headed perspective...

By James / May 2, 2015

The 'Depraved-Heart Murder' of Freddie Gray

Freddie Gray was murdered by police after an unlawful arrest, the Baltimore City state's attorney said...

By David / May 1, 2015

The Political Opportunity of a Drought

“I can tell you, from California, climate change is not a hoax," California Governor Jerry Brown told...

By Adam / May 1, 2015

A Word Cloud of Ajo, Arizona

Having listened to people from around the U.S. talk to us for our American Futures adventure over the last...

By Deborah / April 30, 2015

'We Disagree With Any Implication That Freddie Gray Severed His Own Spinal Cord'

Updated on April 30, 2015 As protests formed in a handful of major American cities on Wednesday night,...

By Adam / April 30, 2015

Our New Site (a Guide)

As you might have noticed, as of this past week has a new look on the web. You can read...

By James / April 30, 2015

A Quieter Night in Baltimore

Following a night of demonstrations, clashes, and mass arrests, relative calm descended across Baltimore...

By Adam / April 29, 2015

'Generation Now'—What People Do, When There Seems to Be Nothing to Do

In the next few installments I will be talking about two cities in inland Southern California that have...

By James / April 29, 2015


Iran Nuclear Talks Open a Tangled Path to Ending Syria’s War

World leaders are linking the nuclear talks with Iran to the possibility for peace in Syria, but Staffan...

By SOMINI / May 4, 2015

2 Killed in Texas After Firing on Anti-Islam Group’s Event

Two assailants in Garland, Tex., shot a private security guard and were, in turn, killed by the police...

By LIAM / May 4, 2015

RACE FOR THE WH 3 hopefuls to join the 2016 GOP presidential field

By Fox / May 4, 2015

G.O.P. Hopefuls Now Aiming to Woo the Middle Class

The candidates who hope to be the Republican presidential nominee in 2016 are trying to create a very...

By JEREMY / May 4, 2015

Ben Carson on the Issues

An acknowledged novice on foreign affairs, the retired doctor has staked out stronger positions on health...

By GERRY / May 4, 2015

Bits Blog: 40 Busy Years Later, a Microsoft Founder Considers His Creation

Paul Allen, who founded Microsoft with Bill Gates 40 years ago, says the most daunting task the company...

By NICK / May 4, 2015

Two suspects killed, officer injured after shooting occurs outside Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas

A Prophet Muhammad art exhibit and contest in Dallas is on lockdown Sunday after a reported shooting...

By FOX / May 4, 2015

Ben Carson Brings Story of Self-Reliance to 2016 Race

The retired neurosurgeon, positioning himself as an alternative candidate in a crowded Republican presidential...

By TRIP / May 4, 2015

Retro Report: A Flame Retardant That Came With Its Own Threat to Health

A chemical added to children’s pajamas was meant to save lives, but in the 1970s scientists concluded...

By CLYDE / May 3, 2015


Suspect in Chicago-Area FAA Fire Formally Charged

Suspect in September fire at Chicago-area air traffic facility formally charged

By ABC / May 3, 2015

Thousands Turn out to Clean Milan After May Day Clashes

Milanese march proudly, clean damage after May Day clashes left city trashed on Expo's 1st Day

By ABC / May 3, 2015

Photo: Riders in NYC's 5 Boro Bike Tour travel along the FDR Drive in Manhattan - @AllisonPapson

Photo: Riders in NYC's 5 Boro Bike Tour travel along the FDR Drive in Manhattan - @AllisonPapson

By Tricia / May 3, 2015

Americans Need Jobs, Not Populism

In 2008, I was elected governor of Delaware. In politics, timing is everything. You can be a fantastic...

By Jack / May 3, 2015

More: Victims killed in Livermore, Calif., were in a backyard when they were hit by a suspected drunk driver - @KatieABC7

More: Victims killed in Livermore, Calif., were in a backyard when they were hit by a suspected drunk...

By David / May 3, 2015

Baltimore Relieved by Charges, Weary of Curfew

Baltimore relieved by charges, weary of curfew as final night of restrictions approaches

By ABC / May 3, 2015

Today in History

Today in History

By ABC / May 3, 2015

Americans Ok with Drone Strikes on Terrorists

The majority of Americans approve of drone strikes on terrorists, according to a new Associated Press...

By / May 3, 2015

CBN News Sunday: Beyond Baltimore, Repairing and Restoring a Nation

As unrest and violence marked a the past week in Baltimore, CBN News talks with pastors who are leading...

By / May 3, 2015

The Day Nixon Cracked

This article was originally published at

By Chris / May 2, 2015

When Cities and Suburbs Work Together

In the 1980s, the city of Denver, Colorado, was hardly a model for any type of economic development....

By Nancy / May 2, 2015

The Fight to Organize the 'Fight of the Century'

On Saturday night Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. will finally get into the ring together. They’re...

By Gary / May 2, 2015


Baltimore-Raised Pastor Tony Evans Says It Is Time for Christians to Get 'Aggressive' on Rebuilding the Family, Addressing Justice Issues and Restoring Morality

Megachurch pastor Tony Evans has issued a call to Christians across the nation to rise to the challenge...

By The / May 3, 2015


What to know about Islam

Here's a look at what you need to know about Islam. The word Islam translates as "submission" or "surrender."...

By / May 4, 2015

Photographers explore relationships between dogs and their owners

The phrase "dogs are man's best friend" is one that may be traced from well into the past all the way to the present...

By / May 4, 2015

Texas mayor: Two shot dead at 'Muhammad Art' event

Two people were shot by police outside of an event billed as the "Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest"...

By / May 4, 2015

Ben Carson says he's running

Retired physician Ben Carson told Sinclair Broadcasting on Sunday night that he plans to announce his candidacy...

By / May 4, 2015

Protests erupt in Tel Aviv, Israel

Protests erupted in Tel Aviv after video emerged of two police officers beating a uniformed Israeli soldier...

By / May 3, 2015

Legendary ballerina dies

Russian ballerina Maya Plisetskaya, who was considered one of the greatest ballerinas of the 20th century,...

By / May 3, 2015

Why police body cameras don't solve everything

Politicians and privacy and civil-rights advocates can't agree on the use of body cameras.

By / May 3, 2015

Actress talks working in Baltimore

Actress Sonja Sohn talks about working in Baltimore and the challenges the city faces with CNN's Fredricka...

By / May 3, 2015

Opinion: Crisis offers glimmer of progress

When riots broke out in Baltimore last week following the funeral ceremony for Freddie Gray, most Americans...

By / May 3, 2015

Jamie Foxx's national anthem underwhelms

The fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiano promised to be the fight of the century.

By / May 3, 2015

Look who's expecting: Growing celeb families

By / May 3, 2015

Bourdain picks his top 10 episodes

A look at Anthony Bourdain's pick at the the top episodes of "Parts Unknown."

By / May 3, 2015