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"This Is What I Was Born For"

January 24, 2014 8:10 PM
What I write about today never seems to get aired in the pulpit. Yet it is an observable phenomenon that dominates family dynamics.  There is a hormone involved - oxytocin.  It is the caregiving, nurturing, cuddling hormone that dominates in females versus males. By nature,...
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Out with monitoring cholesterol numbers.  In what is being called a "tectonic shift in the way doctors treat high cholesterol," the American Heart Association unexpectedly announced new
When Pastor Rick Warren writes a book it has a good chance of making an impact.  His 40-million copies sold THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE and his 1.3 million twitter followers suggests a lot of people rely
Resveratrol Pills Fade To BlackBy Bill SardiIn 2003 when a Harvard professor first heralded resveratrol (rezvair-ah-trol) as the key molecule in red wine that was both responsible for the French Paradox (the fact
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