The GOP's War on Cities

Theo Anderson, In These Times...

By Theo / May 26, 2015

Is Asiana Undermining Its Safety Chief?

Asiana has had major accidents in four of the past five years, prompting worries that its safety czar...

By / May 25, 2015

Senate's Trade Vote Was a Victory for Truth

By Washington / May 25, 2015

The Man With the Winged Hand-Grenade Tattoo

Jeff Slater, an Army Infantry veteran who served in Iraq, is featured in an online exhibit called War Ink that...

By Jason / May 25, 2015

Sweden Wins Eurovision

Sweden emerged victorious in the 60th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, narrowly beating Russia,...

By / May 25, 2015

John Nash's Beautiful Life

John Nash, a Nobel laureate and mathematical genius whose struggle with mental illness was documented...

By Matt / May 24, 2015

'This Is Straight Murder': a Troubling Acquittal in Cleveland

On November 29, 2012, police officers and witnesses heard what appeared to be gunshots coming from a car driving...

By Matt / May 23, 2015

'Mayday! Emergency Landing. We're on Fire.'

Two weeks ago today, on the 70th anniversary of V-E Day, workaday life in downtown Washington came to a momentary...

By James / May 22, 2015

How to Treat Pregnant Drug Addicts? Your Thoughts

The Atlantic’s Olga Khazan recently reported on the increased use of incarceration to punish women...

By Chris / May 21, 2015

San Bernardino Votes to Move Past Bankruptcy, Plus Pandas and the Finale to the Boiled Frog Saga

A harvest of updates: - On Monday I described the choice that the city council of San Bernardino, California,...

By James / May 21, 2015

After the Waco Shootout, Texas Lawmakers Debate Gun Laws

Authorities are still working to develop a clear picture of the bullet-riddled scene where nine members...

By Adam / May 20, 2015

Isabella Greenway, Pioneering American Woman

In tiny Ajo, Arizona, a low-slung white stucco pueblo-reminiscent house stands at the top of a hill,...

By Deborah / May 19, 2015


John Murphy, Staten Island Congressman Convicted in Abscam Sting, Dies at 88

Mr. Murphy, a Democrat, was one of seven members of Congress found guilty of taking illicit payoffs in the Abscam...

By JOSEPH / May 26, 2015

Remains found in California confirmed as those of Swedish student missing since 1982

Remains found in northern California in 2010 have been confirmed as those of a Swedish exchange student...

By FOX / May 26, 2015

Rockets 128, Warriors 115: Houston Remains Alive, and Curry Survives a Scare

James Harden scored 45 points, and Houston repelled several Golden State rallies to stave off elimination...

By SCOTT / May 26, 2015

Man in New Jersey Dies of Rare Viral Disease After Returning From Liberia

Lassa fever, rarely seen in the United States, can have symptoms similar to Ebola but is less infectious...

By SABRINA / May 26, 2015

First Draft: The Clintons March In Memorial Day Parade in Chappaqua, N.Y.

It was the couple’s first joint public appearance since Mrs. Clinton declared her candidacy for president.

By AMY / May 26, 2015

Similac Advance Infant Formula to Be Offered G.M.O.-Free

Abbott, maker of the Similac brand, said a third of consumers said infant formula without genetically...

By STEPHANIE / May 26, 2015

In Cable Deal, Charter Seeks Its Legitimacy

Charter Communications’ $55 billion bid for Time Warner Cable is aimed at helping fulfill Charter’s...

By SYDNEY / May 26, 2015

GOD IS ‘A FIXER’ Teen offers powerful prayer at high school graduation

By Fox / May 26, 2015

Rest Home Fire in Central China Kills 38

Chinese state media is reporting that a rest home fire in central China has killed 38 people and injured...

By THE / May 26, 2015


Firefighter injured while battling 3-alarm house fire in San Jose, Calif. - @nbcbayarea

Firefighter injured while battling 3-alarm house fire in San Jose, Calif. - @nbcbayarea

By Jillian / May 26, 2015

AP Source: Cleveland Reaches Deal With Justice on Policing

AP source: Cleveland reaches settlement with US Justice Department over policing

By ABC / May 25, 2015

Questions Raised Over Slaying by Retired Guard in NYC Subway

Questions raised about decision to not charge retired jail guard in New York subway slaying

By ABC / May 25, 2015

Sudan seizes Monday print runs of 9 newspapers, editors and an NGO say - @AFP

Sudan seizes Monday print runs of 9 newspapers, editors and an NGO say - @AFP

By Sean / May 25, 2015

Gunman, 7 Other Soldiers Killed in Tunis Barracks Shooting

Ministry says gunman, 7 others dead after Tunisian soldier opens fire on fellow troops

By ABC / May 25, 2015

The G Word: Gentrification and Its Many Meanings

Ask city-dwellers to describe what, precisely, gentrification is you’ll get an array of answers. The term...

By Gillian / May 25, 2015

Grand Jury Indicts Officers in Freddie Gray Death

A grand jury indicted all six officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old Baltimore...

By / May 25, 2015

'American Sniper' Wife: 'I Feel God Prepared Me'

Americans poured into movie theaters in record numbers to see the movie, "American Sniper." Now his widow...

By / May 25, 2015

Why Is PayPal In the Credit Game?

According to the Department of Commerce, Americans spent $80 billion on online retail during the first...

By Bourree / May 23, 2015

Being a Go-Getter Is No Fun

The phrase “shit hits the fan” has uncertain origins. Some claim it’s a descendant of a World War II adage...

By Bourree / May 22, 2015

Why Are the Republican Debates Limited to 10 Candidates?

In an increasingly quantified and poll-obsessed political world, it’s not often that you get arbitrary...

By David / May 21, 2015

The End of the Boy Scout Ban on Gay Adults?

On Thursday, Boy Scouts of America President Bob Gates called for the end to the organization’s ban on gay adults...

By Adam / May 21, 2015


'Holy Spirit Began to Speak in Me,' Says Alabama Student Who Gave Spontaneous Graduation Prayer for Woman Suffering Medical Emergency

At the graduation ceremony for Clay-Chalksville High School in Alabama, graduate Christian Crawford led the crowd...

By The / May 25, 2015

Christian Alternative to Boy Scouts 'Saddened' by Gates' Push for BSA to Drop Ban on Gay Troop Leaders

The leader of a Christian scouting group that was founded by former members of the Boy Scouts of America...

By The / May 22, 2015


4 dead, 12 missing after Texas, Okla. storms

The storm's missing include families who had gathered for the holiday weekend. FULL STORY

By / May 26, 2015

B.B. King's daughters allege foul play in his death

Coroners have performed an autopsy on the body of blues legend B.B. King after they said family members...

By / May 26, 2015

Vanishing stories, vanishing country

You're probably heard climate change will cause stronger storms, drier droughts and possibly mass extinctions....

By / May 26, 2015

Millions spent to pamper North Korean elite

Professors and scientists are among the North Korean elite treated to a variety of perks, paid for by Kim Jong...

By / May 26, 2015

Heatwave claims 600 lives

More than 600 people have lost their lives in the past week in a sustained and severe heatwave in India. ...

By / May 26, 2015

13 dead in tornado strike

In six seconds, a tornado ripped through the border city of Ciudad Acuña, Mexico, with a ferocity that...

By / May 25, 2015

Powerful flood sweeps SUV away

A flash flood in Kendall, Texas, was so strong that it easily pushed an SUV away. No one was seriously...

By / May 25, 2015

FBI probes threats against planes

Law enforcement scrambled on a busy long weekend travel day to ensure airplanes were secure after at least...

By / May 25, 2015

NFL player fired after arrest

The Chicago Bears fired defensive end Ray McDonald on Monday after his arrest on domestic violence and child...

By / May 25, 2015

Historian claims Fox News is bad for the GOP

Conservative historian Bruce Bartlett joins Brian Stelter to discuss what he calls the "self-brainwashing"...

By / May 25, 2015

Racist letter to family: 'You don't belong here!'

A Long Island family found a note in their mailbox telling them they are not welcome in the community...

By / May 25, 2015

Top Iraqi unit, trained by Americans, 'surprised us all'

An Iraqi deputy prime minister seemed to echo criticism from the U.S. defense secretary. FULL STORY ...

By / May 25, 2015