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Andrew Kooman


Agreed on cast! .RT @tcobbler #Shehasaname well done, a must see..... you won't walk away uninformed. Bravo to the actors, brilliant! :-)
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Stories, both real and imagined, have the capacity to change us. The stories we love show us what we value and remind us of what is important. They delight and entertain us and tell us things we might otherwise...
from Disappointed by Hope - Photograph by Jonathan Kwok The next group of Vietnamese detainees were more fortunate.  Ellen had tickets for ten of the eleven.  Seven men and three women.  The lone
Vietnamese Migrant, from Disappointed by Hope - Photograph by Jonathan Kwok The Detention Centre we visited is tucked away in a small town, about an hour and a half drive from the main city where we met.  We
from Disappointed by Hope - Photograph by Jonathan KwokThe first group of Vietnamese men marched from their block two by two.  Handcuffed in pairs, free arms holding the shoulder of the detainee in front of
Rohingya Refugees in Malaysia - Photograph by Jonathan Kwok Change Noor's name - he has done so himself - to another. Make it Hashim, or Ishmael. The names change but the stories have similar strands. Yet the
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