Okay...lesson learned!

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I had an interesting day on my motorcycle. I did something that was wholly stupid and it was my fault. I'm not trying to embarrass myself, but I really dodged a bullet today. God kept me when I could very well be incapacitated or dead and I have the physical proof that I will keep as a reminder of what stupidity can potentially do.

On this cold morning I decided to ride my motorcycle out to Chino Hills to visit my sister. At the end of my visit I decided to take the 71 Freeway out to the 91 Freeway towards the beach. There was a stretch of freeway that was moving rather slowly, so I split the traffic, meaning I rode between the vehicles. Now in general this isn't a problem if you have plenty of room to maneuver (and I mean PLENTY of room) and the traffic isn't moving fast. But as I am wont to be on waaaaaaaay too many occasions, got impatient and started moving a bit faster than the jam called for. Still I was able to move around okay. But soon I came upon two pickup trucks towing trailers. Now, what I failed to realize and remember is that there are lots of 'bungholes' driving on the freeway, and today, I was one of them. And when two bungholes meet, catastrophe can very possibly happen! 

I tried to maneuver through the vehicles. The guy on my left saw me and I was able to move alongside him and pass him, but not completely. The guy on my right saw me and I saw that he saw me; still he moved left to block me from passing. I slowed down to let both vehicles pass and just wait, but my decision came too late. Unfortunately, when I slowed down, the guy on my left was able to pass me and his trailer's fender brushed my left foot and ankle. It didn't hurt really, but it was a firm brush. Now here is where the disaster could have happened: my foot was on the left peg, and it must have been outside the edge of it a bit in order for me to feel the guy's fender as firmly as I did. If my foot had been LESS THAN AN INCH to the right and his trailer hit my peg instead, he could have knocked me off balance and into the other bunghole's trailer, which means I would either have been dragged by his trailer or run over by the vehicles behind me. When both trailers went passed me I looked at my foot where I could feel where the leftmost trailer had brushed me. I couldn't see anything so I kept riding. I rode until I got to Newport Beach where I would have lunch. When I finally stopped and examined my left foot, I could see clearly what had happened. The guy on the left's trailer had actually torn the leather on my left riding boot. It is such a clean tear that it looks like the boots were made that way. But when I looked at my right foot, I could see that wasn't the case at all. 

All I could do from the time the incident happened until I got to Newport was to thank God and ask him to help me to stop being so blankety-blank impatient, and berate myself for once again, going farther than my skills could reasonably take me. Now I can be upset that the guy on my right was such an @$$hole for trying to cut me off, or I can be realistic and accept the fact that today I was the @$$hole, and if a disaster had occurred it would have been my fault completely. I am embarrassed and I pissed off at myself about it. Even so, I thank God; my bum was pulled out of the fire. God indeed kept me. And this isn't the first time (I'm not speaking of motorcycle riding now). I thought of throwing out the boots. But a voice inside me told me to keep them as reminders. I have other reminders of things that I did which at the time seemed like a good idea, only to realize later that I could very well have been killed. I'm keeping the boots!

Now, I won't spend one second trying to preach to anyone about how they should learn from my mistake. All I will say is thank the Lord God I am yet alive, and I HOPE that I have learned!!! Lastly, I know there are those who think motorcycles should never been ridden. I appreciate your opinion about motorcycles, but I enjoy riding very much and don't plan to stop riding...UNLESS...my patience level on the road does not improve in a BIG way. Motorcycles can indeed be very dangerous. But it is way worse when the rider himself is stupid and impatient.

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