Weary of Moral Relativity

Frank Bruni, New York Times...

By Frank / May 24, 2015

'This Is Straight Murder': a Troubling Acquittal in Cleveland

On November 29, 2012, police officers and witnesses heard what appeared to be gunshots coming from a car driving...

By Matt / May 23, 2015

EDF Bids for Areva's Reactor Unit

French state-controlled power utility EDF made a preliminary offer for the reactor unit of nuclear-engineering...

By WSJ.com: / May 23, 2015

Behind the Rise and Fall of BlackBerry

“Losing the Signal” tells the inside story of Research In Motion’s efforts to take on the iPhone....

By WSJ.com: / May 23, 2015

'Mayday! Emergency Landing. We're on Fire.'

Two weeks ago today, on the 70th anniversary of V-E Day, workaday life in downtown Washington came to a momentary...

By James / May 22, 2015

What's Missing in the Indictments Over Freddie Gray's Death

In a very brief news conference at the end of the day Thursday, Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn...

By David / May 21, 2015

The End of the Boy Scout Ban on Gay Adults?

On Thursday, Boy Scouts of America President Bob Gates called for the end to the organization’s ban on gay adults...

By Adam / May 21, 2015

How to Treat Pregnant Drug Addicts? Your Thoughts

The Atlantic’s Olga Khazan recently reported on the increased use of incarceration to punish women...

By Chris / May 21, 2015

San Bernardino Votes to Move Past Bankruptcy, Plus Pandas and the Finale to the Boiled Frog Saga

A harvest of updates: - On Monday I described the choice that the city council of San Bernardino, California,...

By James / May 21, 2015

After the Waco Shootout, Texas Lawmakers Debate Gun Laws

Authorities are still working to develop a clear picture of the bullet-riddled scene where nine members...

By Adam / May 20, 2015

Isabella Greenway, Pioneering American Woman

In tiny Ajo, Arizona, a low-slung white stucco pueblo-reminiscent house stands at the top of a hill,...

By Deborah / May 19, 2015

The Texas Biker-Gang Massacre

Scores of bikers gathered at a bar-restaurant Sunday in Waco, Texas. Expecting trouble, a dozen police...

By Conor / May 18, 2015


ROBOTS TO THE RESCUE New tech helping Marines to save lives on battlefield

By Fox / May 24, 2015

Peace Activists Cross Demilitarized Zone Separating Koreas

Gloria Steinem was among a group of 30 female peace activists who crossed by bus on Sunday from North...

By CHOE / May 24, 2015

California governor proposes amnesty program for those who cannot pay traffic debt

Calling California's traffic court system a "hellhole of desperation" for the poor, Gov. Jerry Brown...

By FOX / May 24, 2015

At Least 10 Afghan Police Officers Killed in Taliban Assault

Officials in Afghanistan say at least 10 police officers have been killed in an ongoing Taliban assault...

By THE / May 24, 2015

Warriors 115, Rockets 80: Stephen Curry, With a Little Help, Tramples the Rockets

Curry, who dazzled the crowd into a state of bewilderment, finished with 40 points as the Warriors seized...

By SCOTT / May 24, 2015

Saudis Say ISIS Ordered Suicide Bombing of Mosque

The suicide bombing on Friday killed at least 21 worshipers at a Shiite mosque in a town near Qatif,...

By DAVID / May 24, 2015

With Victories, ISIS Dispels Hope of a Swift Decline

In its conquest of Ramadi and new control of Palmyra, the Islamic State has shown how dedication to its core...

By TIM / May 24, 2015

Body Found in Hudson River Near Where Kayaker Disappeared

The unidentified body was transported to the Orange County morgue, where an autopsy will be performed,...

By MICHAEL / May 23, 2015

Tree Project Aims to Put the Oak Back in Oakland

A campaign to “re-oak” Oakland has begun, which started when volunteers planted an inaugural stand...

By PATRICIA / May 23, 2015


Mali: Rebels Capture Soldiers After Fighting In North

Mali: Rebels claim to have captured 19 soldiers after fighting in north

By ABC / May 24, 2015

Residents Along Blanco River in Texas Urged to Evacuate

Authorities urge residents in small Central Texas community to evacuate as Blanco River rises

By ABC / May 24, 2015

Residents trapped on roofs in Wimberley and near Kyle, Texas, due to flooding on the Blanco River - @TWCBreaking

Residents trapped on roofs in Wimberley and near Kyle, Texas, due to flooding on the Blanco River - @TWCBreaking

By David / May 24, 2015

Grand Jury Indicts Officers in Freddie Gray Death

A grand jury indicted all six officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old Baltimore...

By CBN.com / May 24, 2015

Astros Turn 1st Triple Play Since 2004, Beat Tigers

Astros turn their 1st triple play since 2004, then score twice to beat Tigers 3-2

By ABC / May 24, 2015

Colorado State Patrol Cadet Killed, Trooper Injured in Chase

Colorado State Patrol cadet killed, trooper injured while trying to stop vehicle in chase

By ABC / May 23, 2015

Photo: Protestors marching towards Cleveland's Cuddell Recreation Center, where Tamir Rice died after being shot by a police officer - @AdamFerrise

Photo: Protestors marching towards Cleveland's Cuddell Recreation Center, where Tamir Rice died after...

By Stephanie / May 23, 2015

Why Is PayPal In the Credit Game?

According to the Department of Commerce, Americans spent $80 billion on online retail during the first...

By Bourree / May 23, 2015

The Weird End of the NSA's Phone Dragnet

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, the U.S. Senate played host to a moment that took mass surveillance...

By Conor / May 23, 2015

'American Sniper' Wife: 'I Feel God Prepared Me'

Americans poured into movie theaters in record numbers to see the movie, "American Sniper." Now his widow...

By CBN.com / May 23, 2015

Amtrak Passengers Share More Stories of Harassment

Two recent articles about the Drug Enforcement Administration harassing Amtrak passengers have elicited...

By Conor / May 22, 2015

Being a Go-Getter Is No Fun

The phrase “shit hits the fan” has uncertain origins. Some claim it’s a descendant of a World War II adage...

By Bourree / May 22, 2015


Christian Alternative to Boy Scouts 'Saddened' by Gates' Push for BSA to Drop Ban on Gay Troop Leaders

The leader of a Christian scouting group that was founded by former members of the Boy Scouts of America...

By The / May 22, 2015


'Beautiful Mind' mathematician John Nash, wife killed

John Forbes Nash Jr., the famed mathematician and inspiration for the film "A Beautiful Mind," and his wife...

By CNN.com / May 24, 2015

What will happen to 'cubs of the caliphate'?

A boy in a black knit cap stands in front of a man on his knees.

By CNN.com / May 24, 2015

Police video shows moment plane crashes on interstate

New video from a police dash cam shows a plane crash on a busy interstate just north of Atlanta, killing...

By CNN.com / May 24, 2015

Is Breckenridge a party town or 'Disneyland'?

Residents of Breckenridge, Colorado, disagree on how to sell their town's image. "High Profits" airs...

By CNN.com / May 24, 2015

Mass graves found in Malaysia

Mass graves of refugees caught up in the human-trafficking trade have been found in northern Malaysia...

By CNN.com / May 24, 2015

Man pronounced dead but then ...

A man with a medical condition was pronounced dead after the Milwaukee Fire Department arrived at his apartment....

By CNN.com / May 24, 2015

Elephant snatches camera, takes excellent 'elphie'

Plenty of tourists have snapped a selfie of themselves posing with an elephant during their travels....

By CNN.com / May 24, 2015

Rain breaks records, soaks Oklahoma, Texas Panhandle

Emergency crews in Oklahoma and Texas are scrambling to help inundated residents cope with record-breaking...

By CNN.com / May 24, 2015

5 most uplifting stories of the week

A Seattle couple who said thanks to their adoptive country leads this week's list.        

By USATODAY / May 24, 2015

Defector: DMZ activists are wrong

In North Korea, women have no rights. There is no right to freedom, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness. ...

By CNN.com / May 24, 2015

Ben Carson tops straw poll

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson handily won the Southern Republican Leadership Conference straw poll...

By CNN.com / May 24, 2015

Cop who shot 2 from car hood acquitted in deaths

Police arrested demonstrators in downtown Cleveland following the acquittal of a police officer charged...

By CNN.com / May 24, 2015