Scandal in World Soccer Pressures Sponsors

The indictments alleging corruption among FIFA officials leave corporate sponsors facing dilemma of whether...

By / May 29, 2015

America's First Jewish President?

Zev Chafets, FOX NewsIn March, 2013, President Barack Obama paid a state visit to Israel. At the airport...

By Zev / May 28, 2015

Court Rejects Apple's Bid to Shake Off Monitor

A federal appeals court has rejected Apple Inc.’s efforts to rid itself of a corporate monitor appointed...

By / May 28, 2015

Paradise Lost: What the Texas Floods Swept Away

WIMBERLEY, TEXAS—The flash flood warnings kept coming in over television. That is, until the power...

By Richard / May 28, 2015

American Futures Updates, from Mississippi to Arizona to California

Recent notes in the news: 1) The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science. A year ago my wife Deb and I had a deeply...

By James / May 28, 2015

How Nebraska Abolished the Death Penalty

Nebraska on Wednesday became the first conservative state in more than four decades to repeal the death...

By Russell / May 27, 2015

Bring Back the Military Draft? Your Thoughts

In the wake of another Memorial Day, when most Americans recognized their fallen veterans by staying...

By Chris / May 27, 2015

Post-Memorial Day Note: Another Kind of Service, in San Bernardino

In previous accounts we’ve described the economic predicament of San Bernardino, California. Most of its former...

By James / May 26, 2015

Border Patrol Agents Tase an Unarmed Woman Inside the U.S.

When the Border Patrol stopped Jessica A. Cooke at a checkpoint, the 21-year-old was about to earn her degree...

By Conor / May 26, 2015

The Man With the Winged Hand-Grenade Tattoo

Jeff Slater, an Army Infantry veteran who served in Iraq, is featured in an online exhibit called War Ink that...

By Jason / May 25, 2015

John Nash's Beautiful Life

John Nash, a Nobel laureate and mathematical genius whose struggle with mental illness was documented...

By Matt / May 24, 2015

'This Is Straight Murder': A Troubling Acquittal in Cleveland

On November 29, 2012, police officers and witnesses heard what appeared to be gunshots coming from a car driving...

By Matt / May 23, 2015


City Room: New York Today: Notes from Underground

Friday: A trip to the Second Avenue subway, rainy weekend, and Manhattanhenge.

By TATIANA / May 29, 2015

Your Friday Briefing

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

By ADEEL / May 29, 2015

U.S. Signals Willingness to Widen Role in Fighting Boko Haram in Nigeria

Secretary of State John Kerry, in Abuja for the inauguration of Nigeria’s new leader, was expected...

By MICHAEL / May 29, 2015

In Europe, Fake Jobs Can Have Real Benefits

Training at pretend companies is being used to fight long-term unemployment, one of the most pressing...

By LIZ / May 29, 2015

An Award for Bill Clinton Came With $500,000 for His Foundation

Bill Clinton agreed to appear at a gala for the model Petra Nemcova’s charity in 2014 after Ms. Nemcova...

By DEBORAH / May 29, 2015

More bodies recovered from Texas floodwaters as officials watch river levels

Recovery workers digging through debris left by floods in Texas found more bodies Thursday as emergency...

By FOX / May 29, 2015

'ALL ABOUT THE MONEY' Members of closed Boston church fight vacate order

By Fox / May 29, 2015

Review: ‘An Act of God,’ With Jim Parsons as an Almighty Comedian

In David Javerbaum’s show based on his book of the same title, God presides over his flock from a swooping...

By CHARLES / May 29, 2015

Complaints Rise Against Nation’s Railroad Police

Little-known, company-run railroad police forces operate with little oversight by the states that license...

By RON / May 29, 2015


One Retailer's Unusual Message: 'Don't Buy So Much Stuff'

Rick Ridgeway, the vice president of environmental affairs at the outdoor apparel company Patagonia,...

By Saki / May 29, 2015

Merkel says transparency, cleaning up of any dirty business urgently needed at FIFA - @Reuters

Merkel says transparency, cleaning up of any dirty business urgently needed at FIFA - @Reuters

By David / May 29, 2015

Britain's Cameron in Poland in Search for Support on Reform

Britain's Cameron holds 'difficult' talks in Poland as he seeks changes in relationship to EU

By ABC / May 29, 2015

Full Episode: WN 05/28/15: Former House Speaker and Illinois Republican Dennis Hastert Indicted

Pilot accused of being drunk in the cockpit; toxic balls of oil close nine miles of California beaches.

By ABC / May 29, 2015

Lithuania Wants NATO Battalion as 'Security Guarantee'

AP Interview: Foreign minister says Lithuania wants a NATO battalion as a 'security guarantee'

By ABC / May 28, 2015

Officials Say Fire at Kansas Pet Store Was Accidental

Fire that killed several animals at Kansas pet store likely started by electrical problem

By ABC / May 28, 2015

Photo: Small plane makes emergency landing near Nelson-Washington County, Ky., line; no injuries, police say - @wave3news

Photo: Small plane makes emergency landing near Nelson-Washington County, Ky., line; no injuries, police...

By Stephanie / May 28, 2015

Why Do Former High-School Athletes Make More Money?

This project was a slam dunk, that one was a home run, and it’s just the way the ball bounces—the...

By Joe / May 28, 2015

Selling the Desert's Water-Conservation Lessons to the Rest of the World

The Israeli farmers who pioneered the revolutionary technology known as drip irrigation weren’t trying...

By Saki / May 28, 2015

How to Fix a Broken Police Department

CINCINNATI—Citizens were throwing stones and beer bottles at police officers in front of City Hall,...

By Alana / May 28, 2015

Why Won't the GOP Declare War on ISIS?

Last week, in an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, former Clinton and Bush administration counter-terrorism...

By Peter / May 28, 2015

What Gang Bangers Taught a Chaplain about Jesus

Chris Hoke was a worship leader in search of really finding Jesus. Find out how he found what he was looking...

By / May 28, 2015


Family Christian Stores to Stay Open if Highest Bidder for Company's Assets Is Approved

The locations of the world's largest Christian-focused retailer Family Christian Stores will likely stay...

By The / May 28, 2015

Is Bigotry Against Christians or Gays? Robert Jeffress, Samuel Rodriguez Debate Atheist David Silverman

Pastor Robert Jeffress and Rev. Samuel Rodriguez argued with American Atheists President David Silverman...

By The / May 28, 2015


Climber goes where 'rescue is impossible'

Mike Libecki is a first ascent addict. He has 60 expeditions under his belt -- all of them to places...

By / May 29, 2015

Living room becomes 'gigantic washing machine'

The ferocious Blanco River surged into the Perez family's vacation home, blowing the door off its frame. ...

By / May 29, 2015

Next political battleground: Your phone

There's a new political battleground in 2016: your phone.

By / May 29, 2015

Putin's week of muscle-flexing

When Vladimir Putin makes a move, the world sits up and takes notice.

By / May 29, 2015

Dog found with muzzle taped shut

It's a heart breaking and painful condition for any animal to be in and it begs to ask the question:...

By / May 29, 2015

Shenzhou-10: China's longest crewed space mission

In 2013, China launched three astronauts into orbit for the country's fifth and longest crewed mission...

By / May 29, 2015

New 'Soul-Sucking Dementor' wasp buzzes to fame

Branding can get you everywhere, even if you're just a bug. Boy, does the "Ampulex dementor" wasp know...

By / May 29, 2015

D.C. Metro ending issue ads after Mohammed ad submission

The Washington Metro board voted on Thursday to stop showing issue ads throughout its system, just a few days...

By / May 29, 2015

Residents flee volcano

Residents of the Japanese island of Kuchinoerabu have been urged to evacuate to get out of the path of an erupting...

By / May 29, 2015

Never everland

Tomorrowland feels good, but its philosophy is hollow

By Megan / May 29, 2015

Unearthed casket found after flood

A bicyclist was shocked to find a casket on the side of a bike trail in southwest Houston after the weekend's...

By / May 29, 2015

Will Sanders start revolution?

It wouldn't be the first time a revolution sparked in New England changed the world.

By / May 29, 2015