Pilots on the Germanwings Murder/Suicide

After the Germanwings crash I argued that no single safety device or security protocol could protect...

By James / March 28, 2015

Dunham Equated Jews to Dogs & That's Not OK

Jordana Horn, KvellerIt’s pretty annoying when someone writes something anti-Semitic. But imagine...

By Jordana / March 28, 2015

Climate Change: Imagine If They Disagreed With Us!

Asness & Brown...

By Asness / March 28, 2015

Yahoo, Microsoft Extend Search-Deal Talks

Yahoo and Microsoft agreed to push back the deadline for renewing their Web search alliance another month,...

By WSJ.com: / March 28, 2015

A Stop-Motion Tour of New York City

This article was originally published at http://www.theatlantic.com/video/index/388823/new-york-city-in-motion/

By Chris / March 27, 2015

The Sexually Conservative Millennial

Hookups: how vague. Dictionaries and sources of Internet wisdom define them as casual sexual encounters,...

By Emma / March 27, 2015

A Horrific Building Collapse in New York

Whole building is in flames now. pic.twitter.com/U3zGUPqi86 — Scott Westerfeld (@ScottWesterfeld) March...

By David / March 26, 2015

Will Californians Vote On Executing Gays and Lesbians?

California has always done democracy a bit differently than most other states. Every other year, voters...

By Russell / March 26, 2015

Unicorns and Gerrymanders at the Supreme Court

In Michael Mann’s 2004 noir film Collateral, Tom Cruise, as an out of town hit man, hires cabdriver...

By Garrett / March 26, 2015

What Hypoxia Could Do to Pilots

No one knows the cause of the latest airline disaster, the Germanwings crash yesterday in Southern France....

By James / March 25, 2015

If You're in Northern Mississippi This Weekend, Check Out 'The Blue and the Gray'

Last May, Deb Fallows wrote an account of a historical coincidence that linked The Atlantic Monthly of 150 years...

By James / March 25, 2015

End-of-Day Wrap-Up: California Dries Up

What's Happening: California's Running Dry The state's historic drought continues as its warmest-ever...

By Jake / March 24, 2015


Australia to Join Regional Development Bank Led by China

The decision to join the bank is an about-face for the nation, which had earlier agreed with the Obama...

By JANE / March 29, 2015

Months Before East Village Blast, Utility Found Gas Line Was Tapped in Dangerous Way

Con Edison workers were called to 121 Second Avenue in August for a “strong odor” of gas, and found...

By PATRICK / March 29, 2015

Wisconsin 85, Arizona 78: Wisconsin Defeats Arizona to Advance to the Final Four

The Badgers advanced to the national semifinals, where they will play the winner of the Midwest Regional...

By JOHN / March 29, 2015

Afghanistan’s Supreme Court Sentences Journalist’s Killer

The court ruled that a police officer convicted of murdering an Associated Press photographer, Anja Niedringhaus,...

By THE / March 29, 2015

White House Memo: Wanted at the White House: A Fence That Says Halt! (With Curb Appeal)

The fence surrounding the White House is being temporarily altered, and is also being redesigned, after...

By MICHAEL / March 28, 2015

Indefinite Safe Sex Urged for Liberian Ebola Survivors

After an Ebola death, scientists want to gather more information on the length of time the virus might...

By SHERI / March 28, 2015

Rebel Coalition Seizes Major Syrian City

A coalition of Islamist insurgents, including a branch of Al Qaeda, seized most of the northern Syrian...

By ANNE / March 28, 2015

7 Wounded in Spring Break Shooting in Florida

Several Alabama A&M students were among the victims Saturday in Panama Beach City, Fla. An Alabama man was arrested.

By DANIEL / March 28, 2015

Kerry orders State Department review of records retention amid Clinton email controversy

The State Department has ordered an internal audit of the agency's record keeping after revelations that...

By FOX / March 28, 2015


Providence Beats Miami 7-5 in NCAA East Regional

Shane Luke scored twice, Providence beats Miami of Ohio 7-5 in NCAA East Regional

By ABC / March 29, 2015

Trooper Wounded in Barracks Ambush Hopes to Return to Force

Trooper wounded in barracks ambush says he feels good, hopes to go back to work on the force

By ABC / March 28, 2015

Photo: Hundreds rally at Indiana State Capitol in Indianapolis to protest state's religious freedom bill, which was passed and signed this week - @CharlieNyePhoto

Photo: Hundreds rally at Indiana State Capitol in Indianapolis to protest state's religious freedom bill,...

By Stephanie / March 28, 2015

Delete, Erase, Shred: Enemies of Federal Record Keepers

Delete, erase, shred: Weapons of mass info destruction foil efforts to save government records

By ABC / March 28, 2015

What's a Newfoundland Accent Worth?

Last year a Canadian public radio show called This is That reported on a somewhat ridiculous-seeming...

By Lila / March 28, 2015

Conservatives Demand Satisfaction–And It Costs Them Elections

Explaining how Ted Cruz could win the Republican nomination, Ben Domenech of The Federalist observes...

By Conor / March 28, 2015

Search Continues for at Least 2 After Apparent NYC Gas Blast

Search continues for at least 2 still missing after apparent NYC gas blast leveled 3 buildings

By ABC / March 28, 2015

CBN News Weekend: Paying the Price for Standing Up

On CBN News Weekend, March 28: She stood up against Islam in Germany, and now she's been ostracized....

By CBN.com / March 28, 2015

Downtown Fresno Kicks Off Its Campaign

An unexpected satisfaction of following cities in our American Futures travels has been watching plans...

By James / March 27, 2015

What a Jury Can and Can't Prove About Sexism In Silicon Valley

A jury in San Francisco ruled Friday afternoon that Silicon Valley venture-capital firm Kleiner Perkins...

By David / March 27, 2015

End-of-Day Wrap-Up: Harry Reid's Last Term

What's Happening: Senator Harry Reid Announces His Retirement The 75-year-old Democratic leader is politically...

By Jake / March 27, 2015

The Senate's Surprising Support for Paid Sick Leave and Gay Marriage

The Senate on Thursday night returned to one of its odder occasional traditions: a round-the-clock session...

By Russell / March 27, 2015


Catholic School Teacher Punished for Promoting Catholic Teaching on Human Sexuality? Radio Ad Blasts NJ Bishop for Siding With 'Hollywood Liberals' Who 'Mock' Church Teachings

A radio ad campaign has been launched criticizing Catholic officials in New Jersey for suspending and possibly...

By The / March 28, 2015

Pat Robertson Stands by Claim That Liberals Support Sharia Law; 'The Left Is Undermining Christian Values,' Says Rep

Pat Robertson, the executive chairman of the Christian Broadcasting Network stands by controversial comments...

By The / March 26, 2015


7 shot during spring break

Seven college-age people, some who came to Panama City Beach, Florida, for spring break, were wounded...

By CNN.com / March 29, 2015

Wisconsin back in Final Four

The rematch didn't quite live up to its billing.

By CNN.com / March 29, 2015

Boko Haram beheaded 23?

Suspected Boko Haram gunmen decapitated 23 people in a raid on Buratai village in northeast Nigeria's...

By CNN.com / March 28, 2015

Gunman who shot cop killed by officers

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans says Officer John Moynihan is in critical condition after he was shot...

By CNN.com / March 28, 2015

Opinion: Mexico must find missing students

Six months ago this week Omar received a panicked phone call from his friend and fellow student. "I was in my dormitory...

By CNN.com / March 28, 2015

Hero Boston cop shot in face

Police officer and former U.S. Army Ranger John Moynihan was honored at the White House less than a year...

By CNN.com / March 28, 2015

School bus explodes in flames

A bus driver is being hailed as a hero for safely evacuating 35 students from a school bus after it caught...

By CNN.com / March 28, 2015

Guards leave prison; inmates choose to stay

Guards abandoned a prison in Debaltseve, Ukraine, but some of the inmates chose stayed behind. CNN's...

By CNN.com / March 28, 2015

The name of new 'Walking Dead' series is...

It's official: AMC's "The Walking Dead" companion series has a title.

By CNN.com / March 28, 2015

Indiana's religious freedom law: What does it mean?

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has stirred up controversy by signing a "religious freedom" bill. Critics say it could...

By CNN.com / March 28, 2015

It's settled: How to pronounce 'GIF'

We can't settle iPhone vs. Android or "Star Wars" vs. "Star Trek" for you. But we can settle another...

By CNN.com / March 28, 2015

Top photographs by U.S. service members

By CNN.com / March 28, 2015