Behind Ginni Rometty's Plan to Reboot IBM

Spending time with IBM CEO Ginni Rometty shows how she is trying to reinvent the nearly 104-year-old...

By / April 21, 2015

More on Nice Downtowns: Do They Just Happen? Or Are They Made?

Yesterday I quoted a reader in Seattle who recounted the long, purposeful process through which that...

By James / April 21, 2015

Bird Flu Hits Iowa Farm With 5.3 Million Chickens

An Iowa chicken flock has been hit with avian influenza, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said, marking...

By / April 21, 2015

A National Process for Problem Solving

Huntsman & Lieberman, RCPThanks to Tax Day, the middle of April has a fairly negative connotation...

By Huntsman / April 20, 2015

A Marathon Through the Shadows

On Monday in Boston, Massachusetts, tens of thousands of runners braved cold and slick conditions to participate...

By Adam / April 20, 2015

The Dilemmas of Maker Culture

What are some of the fast-changing elements of the "maker movement," currently reshaping part of the American...

By John / April 20, 2015

The Gathering Storm: An IRS Defeat

By Pittsburgh / April 20, 2015

Nice Downtowns: How Did They Get That Way?

I had anticipated some of the rewards and discoveries of visiting cities in the process of economic and cultural...

By James / April 19, 2015

How Makerspaces Help Local Economies

Two and a half years ago, James Fallows wrote an article about the changing state of American manufacturing....

By John / April 17, 2015

Reinstating Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson, the star NFL running back who missed nearly the entire 2014 season while facing child-abuse...

By Adam / April 16, 2015

Today's Aviation News: The Good and the Weird

1) Good News: Kestrel and Eclipse Two of the protagonists of my 2001 book Free Flight were Alan Klapmeier,...

By James / April 16, 2015

When Security Screening Crosses the Line

How intrusive is airport security these days? For ten or eleven male passengers, normal TSA screening...

By Conor / April 15, 2015


Teva Offers to Acquire Mylan for $40 Billion

The unsolicited offer of $82 a share would scuttle Mylan’s proposed acquisition of Perrigo in a shake-up...

By DAVID / April 21, 2015

Egyptian Court Sentences Mohamed Morsi to 20 Years in Prison

Mr. Morsi, the deposed president, was sentenced after being convicted of charges stemming from a night...

By DAVID / April 21, 2015

Missouri Bishop Convicted of Shielding Pedophile Priest Resigns

Bishop Robert W. Finn became the highest-ranking American church official found guilty of a crime related...

By THE / April 21, 2015

Pope OKs Resignation of US Bishop for Not Reporting Abuse

Pope Francis on Tuesday accepted the resignation of a U.S. bishop who pleaded guilty to failing to report...

By THE / April 21, 2015

City Room: New York Today: Finding Cuba in New York

Tuesday: Cuba in New York, a weather grab-bag, and the Battle of Harlem Heights.

By TATIANA / April 21, 2015

Trial of Former Auschwitz Guard, 93, Opens in Germany

Oskar Gröning is charged with complicity in the murder of 300,000 mostly Hungarian Jewish prisoners...

By ALISON / April 21, 2015

Italy Arrests Captain and Crew Member of Capsized Migrant Boat

The captain was charged with multiple homicide, and both men have been charged with engaging in illegal...

By DAN / April 21, 2015

Court Sentences Ousted Egypt President to 20 Years in Prison

An Egyptian criminal court on Tuesday sentenced ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi to 20 years...

By THE / April 21, 2015

Muslim family says daughter left Alabama home to join ISIS

A spokesman for a Muslim couple in Alabama on Monday said their 20-year-old daughter fled a Birmingham...

By FOX / April 21, 2015


Exiled Tibet Gov't Presses China on Missing Buddhist Leader

Tibetan gov't-in-exile urges pressure on China for answers on missing Buddhist leader

By ABC / April 21, 2015

Breaking Ad: When Hip-Hop First Went Corporate

First up is the Wu-Tang Clan’s Method Man rapping over a minor-key piano sample atop a classic East...

By Kyle / April 21, 2015

The Death Penalty Becomes Unusual

National support for the death penalty is still in decline. A new Pew poll released last week found that...

By Matt / April 21, 2015

Payday lender Wonga reports £37.3 million loss for 2014 - @BBCBusiness

Payday lender Wonga reports £37.3 million loss for 2014 - @BBCBusiness

By David / April 21, 2015

Enough Is Enough: The Case for a Convention of States

With growing debt threatening America's future, one group wants to protect it by amending the Constitution....

By / April 21, 2015

Woman Who Designed "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" Sign Dies

Woman who designed iconic "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign dies at 91

By ABC / April 21, 2015

US, Japan Talks Fail to Close Gap on Farm, Auto Trade

US, Japan trade officials claim progress but fail to close gaps on farm, auto market barriers

By ABC / April 21, 2015

Utah woman who pleaded guilty to killing 6 of her newborn children and hiding the bodies in boxes is sentenced to prison for up to life - @sltrib

Utah woman who pleaded guilty to killing 6 of her newborn children and hiding the bodies in boxes is sentenced...

By Tom / April 20, 2015

Police Thank Social Media for Finding Unattended Child's Parents

A small child was found alone at an Aurora, Colorado, restaurant.

By ABC / April 20, 2015

Trapped Into Selling Magazines Door-to-Door

“Oh my God, can you grab him?” I shouted at the woman at the door, as my 3-month-old puppy darted...

By Darlena / April 20, 2015

CSI Is a Lie

Forty years ago, Bob Dylan reacted to the conviction of an innocent man by singing that he couldn't help...

By Conor / April 20, 2015

Tim Tebow to Sign with Philadelphia Eagles

Tim Tebow's football career is getting new life. The faith-filled quarterback is reportedly signing a one-year...

By / April 20, 2015


Franklin Graham Says US Should Stop Immigration of Muslims From Terror Nations; Holds 'Obama Responsible for ISIS'

The day after Islamic State militants released a video of Christians in Libya being massacred, the Rev....

By The / April 21, 2015

'In God We Trust' Motto a New Addition to North Carolina Public Buildings

North Carolina's McDowell County is now the third municipality in the state to approve adding the national...

By The / April 20, 2015


Deal paves way for Lynch vote

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced Tuesday that negotiators had reached a "bipartisan"...

By / April 21, 2015

Violence-plagued former cop, girlfriend found dead

Ex-cop due in court Monday, potentially facing more prison time for beating an innocent man.        

By USATODAY / April 21, 2015

Grown-up coloring books topping bestseller lists

Atop the Amazon bestselling books list earlier this month sat an unexpected title: "Secret Garden." It wasn't...

By / April 21, 2015

Netflix to air 'Full House' reunion, spinoff

So, you'd like a 'Full House' reunion and spinoff? You got it, dude!

By / April 21, 2015

40 amazing sports photos

By / April 21, 2015

Adderall in the Office

Drugs like Adderall were once only prescribed to help highly distractable children with attention...

By Room / April 21, 2015

Ousted Egyptian President gets 20 years

Ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy was sentenced to 20 years in prison Tuesday on charges of inciting...

By / April 21, 2015

Utah mom admits killing 6 babies after birth

A Utah mom who admitted to killing six of her babies soon after giving birth was given a hefty prison...

By / April 21, 2015

AC/DC drummer pleads guilty to death threat

Phil Rudd, the drummer for legendary hard rock band AC/DC, has pleaded guilty to charges of threatening...

By / April 21, 2015

Japan maglev train sets world record

It's a bird -- It's a plane -- It's an insanely fast Japanese bullet train.

By / April 21, 2015

Listeria: What is it?

The recalls have hit every corner of the grocery store: Ice cream. Pizza. Apples. Hummus.

By / April 21, 2015

Newly discovered frog looks like Kermit

Hi-ho, Kermit the Frog has some competition.

By / April 21, 2015