Shopping Mall Developer Taubman Dies

A. Alfred Taubman, the self-made billionaire who cemented the enclosed shopping mall into American culture...

By / April 18, 2015

Ford to Develop Carbon-Fiber Material

Ford Motor is entering into a joint venture with carbon-fiber manufacturer DowAksa, a move aimed at more...

By / April 18, 2015

That Old-Time Economics

Paul Krugman, New York TimesAmerica has yet to achieve a full recovery from the effects of the 2008 financial...

By Paul / April 17, 2015

Makerspaces Are Remaking Local Economies

Two and a half years ago, James Fallows wrote an article about the changing state of American manufacturing....

By John / April 17, 2015

Reinstating Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson, the star NFL running back who missed nearly the entire 2014 season while facing child-abuse...

By Adam / April 16, 2015

Today's Aviation News: The Good and the Weird

1) Good News: Kestrel and Eclipse Two of the protagonists of my 2001 book Free Flight were Alan Klapmeier,...

By James / April 16, 2015

Aaron Hernandez Gets Life

On Wednesday, former NFL star Aaron Hernandez was found guilty of first-degree murder by a Massachusetts...

By Adam / April 15, 2015

When Security Screening Crosses the Line

How intrusive is airport security these days? For ten or eleven male passengers, normal TSA screening...

By Conor / April 15, 2015

When Police Brutality Goes Beyond a 'Bad Apple' Cop

When a police officer is caught flagrantly misbehaving on video, the most that superiors and union officials...

By Conor / April 14, 2015

The Afterlife of Abraham Lincoln

On April 14, 1865, Abraham Lincoln was shot dead by John Wilkes Booth. The moment of the president’s...

By Zach / April 13, 2015

Growing Up in Ajo

The public school complex in Ajo, Arizona, sits just behind the historic plaza in the center of town....

By Deborah / April 10, 2015

The Total Rejection of Michael Slager

If there's a template for controversial police shootings—and recent history suggests that there is—then...

By Adam / April 9, 2015


G.O.P. Hopefuls in New Hampshire Attack Clinton More Than One Another

During a gathering in New Hampshire, an energized, confident bench of 19 Republicans took turns taking...

By PATRICK / April 18, 2015

Germanwings Crash Exposes History of Denial on Risk of Pilot Suicide

In the days after Andreas Lubitz flew himself and 149 others into a mountainside, investigations have...

By NICHOLAS / April 18, 2015

Ben Affleck demanded PBS program hide his slave-owning ancestor

Ben Affleck insisted on censoring the fact that one of his ancestors owned slaves from PBS show “Finding...

By FOX / April 18, 2015

Kabul Journal: At Afghan Weddings, His Side, Her Side and 600 Strangers

Strangers seeking banquet fare arrive in droves as many seem to know this saying: “With a wedding every...

By JOSEPH / April 18, 2015

Dozens Killed in Suicide Bombing at Bank in Eastern Afghanistan

The Taliban denied responsibility for the attack Saturday in the city of Jalalabad, which targeted a crowd...

By KHALID / April 18, 2015

One Teenager Killed and Another Injured in Shooting Outside Brooklyn Housing Project

A 16-year-old boy was pronounced dead at Kings County Hospital Center and a 13-year-old was shot in the torso...

By LIAM / April 18, 2015

Arrest by F.B.I. Is Tied to $500 Million Art Theft From Boston Museum, Lawyer Says

Investigators are using an unrelated weapons case to force a suspect in a 1990 art theft, Robert V. Gentile,...

By TOM / April 18, 2015

Buble booty pic offends

By Fox / April 18, 2015

Sony Studio Renews Warning After WikiLeaks Posts Stolen Data

In a message to news organizations, a lawyer for the studio said that material taken in a cyberattack...

By MICHAEL / April 18, 2015


UN: Assailants Attack Convoy, Kill 2, Wound 1 in North Mali

UN: Assailants attack UN convoy, kill 2, wound 1 near Gao in north Mali

By ABC / April 18, 2015

UN peacekeeping mission in Mali: 2 assailants attack convoy, killing 2 people - @AP

UN peacekeeping mission in Mali: 2 assailants attack convoy, killing 2 people - @AP

By Stephanie / April 18, 2015

How Fashion Co-Opted Coachella

For the past five years, fashion houses, lifestyle brands and beauty companies including H&M, PopSugar,...

By Alexandra / April 18, 2015

Quotations in the News

Quotations in the News

By ABC / April 18, 2015

Suicide Attack in Afghanistan Kills 22 People

Official: at least 22 people killed in a suicide motorcycle bombing in eastern Afghanistan

By ABC / April 18, 2015

Australia Arrests 5 Men on Terror Plot Charges

Police in Australia say they have arrested five men on suspicion of plotting terrorist attacks on police...

By / April 18, 2015

Update: Hospital reports 2 injured in Fresno, Calif., gas line fire are in critical condition; 14-15 others being triaged at scene - @beebenjamin

Update: Hospital reports 2 injured in Fresno, Calif., gas line fire are in critical condition; 14-15...

By Jimmy / April 17, 2015

USDA Confirms Bird Flu at 5th South Dakota Turkey Farm

5th South Dakota turkey farm infected with bird flu; crews moving to euthanize 66,000 birds

By ABC / April 17, 2015

How America Reduced Its Healthcare Spending by $2 Trillion

The early days of the Obama administration were a chaos of uncertainty, between the historic housing...

By Derek / April 17, 2015

Women Are Owning More and More Small Businesses

Owning your own business is often touted as the ultimate coup in the working world. You set your own hours,...

By Gillian / April 17, 2015

S. Korean Church's 7-Day Service: Sundays Not Enough

For one church in South Korea, meeting only once a week on Sundays is hardly enough.  Myungsung Church...

By / April 17, 2015

Ben Bernanke Isn't the Problem, the System Is the Problem

So Ben Bernanke wants to make a buck. Who can blame him? The guy is one of the most esteemed economists...

By David / April 16, 2015


Christian Blogger Matt Walsh Tells Fast-Food Workers They Don't Deserve $15 an Hour to Flip Burgers

Christian blogger Matt Walsh ripped into fast-food workers who reportedly rallied in some 230 American...

By The / April 17, 2015

Christian Dieseltec Owner Gets Death Threats for Saying He Will Refuse Service to 'Openly Gay' People Who Show PDA in His Shop

A conservative Christian owner of a Dieseltec auto repair shop in Grandville, Michigan, who sparked controversy...

By The / April 17, 2015


Teen convicted in 'thrill kill'

The bored 16-year-old who gunned down a college baseball player in Oklahoma simply because he and his two friends...

By / April 18, 2015

McCain: It's denial of reality

CNN's Jim Sciutto has the latest on a car bombing near the U.S. consulate in Irbil, Iraq, that killed...

By / April 18, 2015

Laid-off Target employees go viral in video

Employees sing bye bye to Target. Jeanne Moos reports on "Closing Time" sung on a dolly dragged around...

By / April 18, 2015

Creator of indoor malls dies at 91

American suburbanites who can do all their shopping without getting wet, driving from point-to-point...

By / April 18, 2015

CEO: A woman shouldn't be president

A female CEO from Texas is under fire after saying that she doesn't believe a woman should be president...

By / April 18, 2015

Weather stop circus, sends people running

Severe weather forced a highwire trapeze act at a circus in Texas to stop and sent people running for the exits. ...

By / April 18, 2015

Gunfights and roadblocks hit Mexican border city; 3 dead

Gunfights and blockades of burning vehicles broke out Friday in the border city of Reynosa, across from...

By USATODAY / April 18, 2015

Shop for vinyl on Record Store Day

Like phone booths and typewriters, record stores are a vanishing breed -- another victim of the digital...

By / April 18, 2015

Sen. John McCain: Pentagon in 'denial' of Ramadi reality

Senior Republican Sen. John McCain blasted Pentagon officials on Friday for dramatically downplaying...

By / April 18, 2015

NHL player busted for drug possession

Hockey player Jarret Stoll of the L.A. Kings was arrested Friday at the swimming pool of a Las Vegas...

By / April 18, 2015

Gorilla cracks zoo window, sends family running

A family trip to a Nebraska zoo turned terrifying for one family after the gorilla they were looking...

By / April 18, 2015

Motorcycle bomber kills 22

A suicide bomber on a motorbike blew himself up in front of the Kabul Bank in Jalalabad city early Saturday,...

By / April 18, 2015